Saturday, December 27, 2014

पछतावे की वो रात!!!

जीवन होता कुछ और
गर सच्चाई का न होता साथ
याद अभी भी है मुझको वो पछतावे की रात

एक चालीस की आखिरी लोकल के इंतज़ार में
एक बेंच की दो छोर पकड़े  बैठे थे दो लोग
खोये खोये
अपने मोबाइल से खेलने की अन्जान कोशिश
छिपी नहीं थी दोनों से
उनके जीवन का शायद वो सबसे लम्बा घंटा था
एक मीटर की दूरी शायद मीलों जितनी लम्बी थी
धीमा धीमा सन्नाटा वो
तेज़ हवाएँ सीने में
पता नहीं आगे क्या होगा
नशा बिना ही पीने में

ट्रेन आई और निकल गयी
तब दोनों इतने पास थे
आखों से आखें मिलने की देरी थी
कुछ देर पहले जो अनजाने थे
अब इक दूजे के ख़ास थे
शब्दों के उस खेल से दोनों
काफी दूर निकल आये
Hello/Hi की औपचारिकता
को दूर कहीं वो छोड़ आये

नाम पता ना पूछा इक दूजे का
शायद समय का अभाव था
बज रहा था दोनों के मन में
प्यार का कोई अलाप था
होंठ जभी जो पास आये तो
मुझको तभी ख्याल आया
जिनके लिए जी रहा हूँ जिंदगी
छल न उनसे कर पाऊंगा
इंतज़ार अभी वो करती मेरा 
मुंह क्या उन्हें दिखाऊंगा

ऐसा सोचते सोचते मैंने
हाथ छुड़ाया और भागा
आधे घंटे  बाद में मैंने
खुद को अपने घर पाया
रात के ढाई बजे भी उनको मेरा
खाने पर इंतज़ार था
गले लगने की देर थी मुझको
आखों में आसूं का भंडार था
सुनाई जो आपबीती मैंने उनको
मेरा गला तो भर आया 
कितना प्यार था मुझको उनसे
मुझको तभी समझ आया

जीवन नरक बन जाता है
झूठ की कड़वाई से
कितना चैन होता है ना सच्चाई में!!

PS: This post is written to support #KitnaChainHotaHaiNaSachhaiMe campaign posted @Indiblogger. Enclosed is the heart touching video by Kinley.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

~ A true rhyming - Rise Above Fear ~

A government job, in armed forces
May be a dream of many
But it was not my cup of tea
I was paid for doing nothing
Always thinking of how do I flee.

I never loved waking up at six
This always made me feel like a sick
Though tough schedule was helping me to stay fit
I still remember the struggle we used to do
For just glimpse of a chick.

Running, exercise, PT and Parade
We were being made ready for country's aid
For Ground training instructor
We were just a prey
We remain united and together we stayed.

Recalling those group punishments
Due to secrets we kept
Punishment for individual, we knew it was hell
Waking up overnight for written exam
Passing barely was reason for celebration bell.

The days were passing, months went by
I missed my home, there were times, I cried
Sometimes I felt like saying good bye
But my mind always stopped me
With an excuse that time would pass by.

Those were days, when I felt suffocated
I was doing what I never wanted to
Though life seemed to be very easy
Along with like minded friends
Sometimes, it was very awkward too.

I made few plans to run from campus
Sometimes my friends convinced me
And one day it was my mentor..
He preached me, telling me
That from distance, drums sound better
I should rise above my fear
It was just a temporary face, the goal approaching closer
There was magic in his voice 
When he asked me to do what I always feared
With those words I started shifting my gears

I still remember when I held trophy on the passing day
There was a new hope inside me
I must give him credit for making me a well shaped pot 
from directionless clay!!

PS: Those from armed forces (soldier and their families) would be able to relate each line I quoted in this poem. I respect soldiers and their families for the hardship they have to bear in order to protect this country. 

PPS: This post is written to support Rise Above Fear initiative by Mountain Dew, hosted on Indiblogger. Here's the action packed video:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stop accidents before they stop you - Traffic Rules Rhyming!!

These traffic rules are made for you
In a way that cannot go against you

Speed limit, has a scientific say
Slow down on curves
Don't stop on highways
Respect that traffic signal
Be it night or day
Flaunting your silky hair can kill you
It's safe to wear a helmet

Never overtake from left
Save your life by wearing seat-belt
Alcohol may be blissful for you
But, a curse while driving under its affects
Give way to pedestrians
As they are the ones
who keep country's carbon footprint checked

I know you are the best driver on the road
But you don't know other person ever
It is ok to slowdown, that won't hurt your ego
Better to be late than never!!

PS: This rhyming was posted to support Nissan Safety Driving Forum Initiative. The concept has been posted on Indiblogger in order to support Nissan Safety Driving Forum.