Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stop accidents before they stop you - Traffic Rules Rhyming!!

These traffic rules are made for you
In a way that cannot go against you

Speed limit, has a scientific say
Slow down on curves
Don't stop on highways
Respect that traffic signal
Be it night or day
Flaunting your silky hair can kill you
It's safe to wear a helmet

Never overtake from left
Save your life by wearing seat-belt
Alcohol may be blissful for you
But, a curse while driving under its affects
Give way to pedestrians
As they are the ones
who keep country's carbon footprint checked

I know you are the best driver on the road
But you don't know other person ever
It is ok to slowdown, that won't hurt your ego
Better to be late than never!!

PS: This rhyming was posted to support Nissan Safety Driving Forum Initiative. The concept has been posted on Indiblogger in order to support Nissan Safety Driving Forum.

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