Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year 2010

Hi All,

Finally we have arrived at the dawn of last day the year 2009. I am sitting in my office internet cafe and trying to think what I should write on the last day eve of 2009. Well, there is so much to say...2009 has shown so many colors of the play called life. 2009 has shown a very nice turn in my carreer and I thank that one power(ppl call it Bhagvan, Ishwar, Alla or God) that enabled me to end the 2009 on a good note.

May you all experience the shower of happiness...
May the spring come soon and melt the snow from everyone's life....
May you all achieve great hights in 2010....
May god give you the power of forgiveness (if you don't have)
May you all enjoy the whole year with your family and friends..
May god give you insights to find out what you like…
May god give you strengths to follow your own path…

Happy new year my dear friends. Promise yourself to bring happiness to this world.
Keep spreading love…Keep spreading harmony…Keep spreading joy…

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Xmas..

Well, this is the third Saturday when I am in the office. 6 days working sucks but I am happy with my morning shift..what you say!!!

Merry Xmas to all of you…I know this one has come a day after Christmas but its better to be late than never. Xmas morning was quite boring but interesting. I was at the Suzuki Showroom to receive our new scooterate Suzuki Access 125. It took me 3 hours and I literally told them that I was not going to leave without bike and they had to deliver it at last.

We planned to spend the Xmas evening watching 3 Idiots, however the plan could not execute as the show was houseful everywhere. So I spent the evening in 2 halve. The first half of the evening was spent with a good friend ‘Punnu’ and ‘Mush’ with a dinner in Red Chilly. We enjoyed a lot. The second half was spent with my little bro ‘Saurabh’ when we sipped coffee at FC Road. I noticed my brother was really happy after the first biggest purchase of his life. We came back home at 12:30, and I took out my books to study but as usual I preferred sleeping instead going through those boring notes and books.

I wrote a poem last week when I was sitting at Chaitanya at FC Road. It was about her and I also have no clue who this ‘she’ is. It was just an imagination so don’t take it otherwise. The frequency of writing poems had been decreased now and came down to 2 poems per week from 1-2 poems a day. Well, this was natural as now there are fewer sources to motivate me for writing a poem.

Here’s the romantic one:

I found her too beautiful to define her beauty in words,
I kept looking at sky, my eyes looking at the birds;

Then I took her hand in my hand our lips locked together,

I could listen nothing but could hear only birds’ chatter;

I was numb for sometime she smelled like heaven,
I had a thought of proposing her right then finally taking it as an Omen;

Love is beautiful, it is unconditional, does not have any age,
People become happy after finding their love and forget all their rage.

Friday, December 18, 2009

17 December 2009...

Someone has rightly said, “God could not be everywhere and that’s why he has created Mom”. Yesterday I reached home at 8:00 pm and I found it as expected. My dear lazy brother did not clean the home as promised and I will also not do that until he cleans it once. But as usual, I will clean it if he does not and I also know that he will not and I will have to do it on Sunday. Enough of confusion, after reaching home I found myself reluctant to study. Exams are close and I am not able to convince myself to study at least an hour a day. After reaching home I learned that I was free for next 45 minutes as mess timing was 8:45. I thought of studying but could not. My hands reached the power switch to turn on Computer; however they picked up a book either. Don’t stretch your eyes with surprise because it is obviously not a course book but ‘that kiss in the rain’ a novel by a young writer.

After dinner I felt an urge to talk to someone. Being single is a blessing by itself but sometimes it sucks and I was feeling the same that day. I literally went through the entire address book in my mobile phone and finally dialed mom. I spoke with Mom about lot of things and after a long time we talked for about an hour. We talked about my marriage most of the time and my Mom was interested to know my salary so that she can reveal the same details to my prospective parents-in-laws. It was a nice conversation after a long time and I felt great.

After talking to my Mom I again lost into my thoughts. Certain faces went through my mind and gave me pictures of the old days. Those pictures in my mind off course include all my old girlfriends. I was forced by my mind to miss those days when I used to get irritated if I get to see any number flashing on my cell phone. I used to get so many calls in a single day that I was forced to spend 10% of the time in a day on phone. And now if I look at the list of calls in my cell phone menu, the last call I received was today at 11:28 am and it was a call from my brother. One of my friends Komal called me yesterday at 4:30 pm to enquire about a book…..huhhh, the famous dude Hemant Arora has now turned into a book counselor. Life shows us too many stages and sometimes one stage can be called an antonym of the other.

Let me end this post by saying few lines about the word which sounds so familiar even to a new born creature. 99% of the babies tend to speak this word and this is the first word in their vocabulary. This word does not have any religion or cast. This word does not belong to any community. One of the most powerful word in this artificial word – “Mom” :

She is the one, who can do anything for you;
She will feed you even if she is starving.
She is the one, who carries you for 9 months;
She will not sleep unless she makes sure that you are sleeping.

She is the one, who keeps crying when you fail your exams;
She will prepare sweets whenever you leave home for a long trip.
She writes the letters even if none of them is answered;
She is the only one who becomes restless when you don’t call at the given time.

No one can take her place; her love for you is unconditional;
She does not follow you just because your pockets are hefty.
Her prayers list always includes what you desire;
Can there be any word more affectionate then ‘Mom’?

Learning of the day: 16 Dec 09

Dear readers, I am in conversation with a magazine and they would surely have a look at my blog before giving me a ‘go ahead’ with my article. I request you guys to give some comments or just tick on one of the option as you like it (After struggling technically I had made some box available interesting, cool etc so that you can tick anyone of them). May be some day I would be able to publish my own book because of your blessings. Thanks a lot for your love. Please distribute this among your friends so that I can have few more comments to impress the editor of the magazine.

Learning of the day:

Some people are always frustrated with their lives, and we get to meet these people very frequently. These are the bad mates in the office; you feel the negative energy when you are around them. They complain a lot and also want you to listen to them. Let me warn you not to be the source where they can take their frustration out.

As I said, every good thing comes with its own consequences, I also found some people in vicinity in my new office which can be a source of negative energy. Initially I found them interesting however as I spent some more time with them, I came to know that they suck. And this is not my individual opinion but it’s a common opinion across the floor about these people.

So the conclusion is that we need to keep a distance from these people, as they belong to none but themselves. You never know when they prove to be harmful to you. I came across with such instance today and would never try to proactively talk to such people, rather I shall let them come to me for help and then play accordingly when ball is in my court.

My new office is cool. The office is only 5 kms away from my home and I use my bike to go to the office. There’s not much work as such so sometimes it’s easy to steal some time from office working hours and write my blog. Unfortunately I don’t have access to gmail, orkut, facebook etc websites. These websites play a very critical role in the balance sheets of Big IT giants. I am sure most of the employees (including me) in big IT companies spend 25% of the working time on these social networking websites and the best thing is that we call these websites stress busters. Just imagine if 10000 employees of an IT companies spend only 30 minutes on these social networking websites, they are responsible for the loss of the revenue which might have come from those 300000 minutes or 50000 Hours. Well I was just trying to think like an employer however this is the best way to compensate if you think you are less paid (and who does think that he is overpaidJ).

So I just came back from break and one more person has complemented me saying that I look like 28 or something. Now who will not get irritated after being complemented as overage? I am desperately looking for someone who can suggest me some tips so that I can start looking underage or at least 25 which is my current age. Being heard overage is as bad as if someone just commented on your new car as a second hand. It is like if someone had compared your latest girlfriend with some Aunti.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monday I saw the new sun rising from the east

So next day I was in the office for the interview in time. I was looking forward to the meeting with Senior Managers. Numerolgy was in my mind but the first question was how I would make the first impression lasting enough to sell myself. The senior manager was a Punjabi gentleman, his face was shining and he seems to be having a lot of experience. The interaction was really different then the previous two rounds.

We talked about Training, Operations, Goals and ambitions etc. I actually recited a poem in the interview. I got a positive feedback from Mr. Senior Manager and next day I finally got to know that I did crack the interview. At the same time I cracked one more interview in the other company that increased my confidence more.

Right now I am sitting in one of my favourite internet cafe. I just finished Two States and it seems to be one more awesome work by Mr. Bhagat. I also wrote a poem on one of the incident from this book and offcourse I am going to post it right away:

Monday I saw the new sun rising from the east;
I am still feeling the words said by that priest.
The whole burden of sorrows was off my head;
1st time after a long time I spring up with a smile from my bed.

It was a dream which was the cause of my happiness;
The old man came to me and asked for the reason of my wretchedness.
The old man was wearing white clothes with a balding head;
I felt the energy when he put his hand on my head.

He advised me to understand the true meaning of ‘forgiveness’;
How easy it is to take off the load from the head and feel burden less.
I exactly did the same and hugged my father in my dream;
I realized it was so easy to forgive than cursing.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saturday continue....

So here I am, as per the promise I have to complete the story of that special and different “Saturday”. It was sharp 7:45 pm when I left from my favorite cafe (Due to it's economic rate and good speed). I reached the Z bridge. I saw the couples sitting in a row with the sidewall along the passage. I also spotted small kids trying to sell balloon to the couples. These small balloon sellers know that they should always target a young unmarried couple because probability of balloon to be sold is higher as these young unmarried couples always try to get rid of them to spend some time alone. And most of the time Balloon sellers are successful in this tactic.

The breeze was chilly and turning chiller in that starlit night. I had never seen so many stars in the sky as it was on that Saturday. It seem that stars are trying to approach the Pune that night and the Z bridge was just a kind of "Bindi with stars" on the face of Pune. Things were too beautiful however the strife in my mind was too intricate to enjoy beautiful things. The whole incident of noon kept shaking me and I was still feeling her voice..her tone and the way she said those words to me, it was really difficult to believe if it actually did not happen and everything was a dream. 

I kept staring at the flowing water in the Mutha River and recite a poem, and something did come up from the heart:

What if she would say ‘No’ if I propose her,
Death must not come to me anyway;
What if I would have been from same cast and religion,
There would never be a chance of “May!!!”

I know I love her from the core of my heart,
What if she would not have the same feeling what I have for her;
I know I would never want to see her cry any way,
What if she doesn’t know that I can die for her smiley face.

What if I could have removed this “What if” from our story,
And everything would have been so simple;
Things could have been apparent and not so blurry,
She could always be there in front of me and I could see her dimples.

As soon as I thought about calling her and tell her how I feel about made me nervus and I started sweating in that chilly night. It was completely a different feeling...a kind of fear to loss something. It was something what I never felt before in my entire life. I tried tossing the coin and thought that I would call her if it fell on head side. The best thing about tossing a coin is that head or tail doesn't matter as you would automatically know what your heart actually wants when the coin is in the air. Similarly, I also knew what I wanted though I still was not daring enough to take that step. 

Finally my fingers again proved to be stronger than my heart, and I dialled her number and there it went.....tring tring.......(mind kept strifing....what would she think)tring tring.......(its almost 8:45 and I am calling her).........tring tring.....tring tring......(herry can you keep quiet!!!)tring ring. No one picked the phone, which increased the tensions in my veins and I was more nerves now. Then I thought not to give up and tried the number again convincing that she might be busy somewhere.....tring tring....(what if she doesn't want to pick my call)....tring tring(what if she get upset as I am calling her at this hour)......tring tring.......Hello....(And my heart beats increased...).

I lost for a few seconds in her sweet 'hello' and woke up when she asked; "Hemant!!!!!kem chho", I replied; "Maja ma". Then she said, "Itni raat ko kya hua". "I was just feeling like talking to you..and don't worry aaj exam nai hai", I replied. She responsed, "You know my family..they never like if someone calls me after 8pm, by the way..what happened to you..itni raat ko to exam bhi nai hai jo tum bahane se call karo; is everything alright"?she smiled. (That actually sounded a bit caring). "I just wrote a poem and felt like reciting it for you", I replied with a conscious tone. And she immediately answered, "I don't want to listen any poem...." and whe kept mum for few seconds and waited for my reply. It seemed that she was kidding but I was not sure if she was serious and could not interpret the tone. Finally she opened her mouth to say, "Offcourse I would like to!!!"
I was so happy to hear that. and I recite the same poem, I was waiting for so long for this and here's the chance...I wanted to live this moment to the fullest and I immediately responded. It was so sponteneous like a curious student answered a question as it was asked by the teacher and she would never have expected that; 

I can be silly if you want me to be so, I could be serious if you think so; I would become a joker and shall never mind..... After all you are my world; I can do anything to make you mind.
"So was that for your girlfriend?", She asked with a tone as she was not aware that I never had a girlfriend until she had come to my life. "May be for my future girlfriend", I replied mischievously. She nodded. There was silence and no one dared to speak for some time. Then I broke the ice by asking how she is doing. She replied, "Why are you calling so many times, you never did so before". "We used to talk atleast once in a day when we were in the office and now you never do so. I just felt like talking to you.", I replied. She said, "No Hemant, I know what you are trying to say but my family is not like that. I can't go out like other girls and they never allow me to do something which is out of the way and our culture. I want to make it very clear now and don't want you to live with any expectation which might hurt you in future."

I tried to say something but I just kept quiet. I was not able to speak and she understood that and broke the silence with her sweet voice, "Hemant, I am keeping the phone..I have to go to sleep now, please don't feel bad about what I said..Good night." 

And that beautiful night turned into nightmare. I couldn't believe what she said and found it hard to stand on my feet. I sat there for almost one hour, quiet, astonished, unaware.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Different Saturday!!!!!!

Saturday had always been same for me however this one was completely different.

I don't know but when I woke up and saw one incoming call on my cellfone from her number. She never called me so I couldn't believe and kept staring at the incoming call list and her number. It was 11:30 am and I was feeling sleepy so I didn't try to notice or call her because I missed her call however I kept trying to figure it out who actually attended this call becaus my Bro was not at home. Then I thought to call her, who else could tell me better if she had called me or not. On the top of that I couldn't recall if I talked to her or not (sometimes I curse my memory).

I was afraid if I had told her something what she might not like. At the same time there were thousand things running across my mind.

Finally I (the strong side of mine) dialled her number and clicked on the red button on the cellphone before ring. I tried couple of times and did the same thing unless my strong side manage to win my weak side and here's the voice for which I can do anything; "hello, hello.........!!!" I don't know but I kept mum, lost into her voice so much that my mind was blank with only one picture in my mind and that was hers. I suddenly tried to regain my consiousness and answer the call; 'hey, how are you doing...I guess you callled me and I was what are you doing' (shut up Hemant..don't ask to many questions at one time, I said to myself). And she again spoke in her sweet voice; "Yup, I called you but you were too busy sleeping so I hung up".

I tried to convince and gave assurance to myself that she was right and I didn't say anything else to her (I was still doubtfull, as I had this habbit to speak anything while I am assleep and it actually happened once when one of my fried called me and talked to me for an hour when I was sleeping).

She said again; "where are you now, are you still sleepy?" I woke up and realized that she was on phone and I was thinking, but I still managed to reply; "I was wondering if we can meet today or tomorrow". (Oh my god!!!! did I actually say that???I can't believe it). Than there was a long silence, seems all the traffic in my street had been asked to stop and that further increased my tension and blood in my veins started flowing faster than usual. Fan stopped to make sound and suddenly there was a voice breaking this sound..offcourse it was hers; "Why do you want to meet, we hardly talk twice or thrice a week and now this meeting thing..are you allright Hemant!!! you know my family would never allow me to meet a guy alone and I never did this in my life." It was a sudden shock for me and I started feeling like a guy in Afganistan who asked a girl to meet him and why the hell I always like girls whose parents want them to get married and produce children (I read this in Kite runner by Khalid Hussaini). I tried my best to think of a response and said; "I just wanted to see you..its been long time".

I actually said that without any second thoughts in my mind I wondered how I could be so bold to say all these things. I patted on the strong side of mine and ball was in her court and I really hate this game of passing balls to each other's court and wait for the response.

"Thak Thak Thak....Doorbell ring...tingtong..tingtong". And I woke up cursing myself that it was all dream...what if Saurabh would have come a bit later and she could say something after my daring answer to her strange question. (doorbell kept ringing...)What if all this would have happened in real and she would be ready to meet me this evening. (doorbell kept ringing...)What if..What if... and I opened the door with this 'What if' in my mind and this grew my belief stronger that my Bro is a real brat who always come at the wrong time and never come when I am dreaming something really bad or scary. I gave him a weird look which he did not understand and I rolled myself in the blanket again with a hope to see the same dream.

I wish if there would have been a rewind or repeat button to repeat the dreams. I started cursing all the scientist in the world if they could have done something in this field as well, after all this was necessary for me and they always say, "Necessity is the mother of invention". And I wonder why not in my case?

See you guys and I shall complete this episode of today very soon as I have other plans for today evening.

Thanks for your visit...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Atlast I found out my deleted post!!!!!

Well, it’s not really easy to maintain a blog and I experienced it today when I deleted one of my post by mistake. I started going nuts as that post also had few comments and comments are the salary of a blogger.

I tried searching on Google and found my deleted post in cache. By the way I am posting it again. This was posted on Sunday, September 27, 2009:

Ask me and I shall become what you want...
I can be silly if you want me to be so.........
I could be serious if you think so................
I would become a joker and shall never mind...
After all you are my world; I can do anything to make you mine…

See how much I love my blog like my own baby and can't afford to

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life goes on....

Hi All,

I know you might be waiting for me to update my blog and thank you for giving so many visits in past 1 month.

Life seems to be so easy and sometimes so complicated that you adjust yourself in a routine and you are so reluctant to come out of it. Has it ever happened to anyone of you that you start enjoying the privacy that results in avoiding group meets and trips? It’s actually happening with me these days.

It’s Saturday. I am experiencing the same Saturday 3rd time and I am avoiding any chance to break this routine. This routine includes my 2 hours at IPRU (My part time office) then college for preparation of pending project followed by my 3 hours which is usually 3:30 to 6:30 in the same corner of the college where I can see a perfect sunset with my best friend i.e. mostly a Book. And I am so happy with this perfect Saturday that I decided not to go to Lonavala with Sumit.

This week was a cocktail of good and bad. We were tensed as we had to seek for a guarantor so that my younger bro's two wheeler loan could be approved. I was hesitating asking anyone of my friend because I know it’s not an easy decision to be the guarantor for loan. I asked one of my friends and he said that he could not give because his dad forbids him to do so and I had to take that bullshit of dad.

By the way, my brother knows one of the Aunti at a place where he stayed for 2 years in a hostel. He approached Aunti. Aunti made him talk to Uncle and he accepted to be the guarantor without any problem. Now I don’t know the definition of ‘Marathi Manoos’ given by Raaj Thakre or some other Neta, but I found this ‘Marathi Manoos’ great. Uncle was so simple and ready to help without even knowing us. I simply appreciated him and also requested him to call me whenever he would be in difficulty any time in future. Someone (don’t remember name)has rightly said; “Duniya me abhi bhi achhe logo ki ginti bure logo se jyada hai aur tabhi duniya chal rahi hai”.

Finally loan was approved and we felt a bit easier but problems in life are too many to handle and one has to be strong enough to live up to them. It goes on with all the twists and turns being the spices of the dish called life....

This is complete fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life. If the same matches your life, it may be a coincident :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And she cried, cried and cried.....

I wanted to say NO but it's been a long time I had not gone out with friends so I said Yes and we were together for a short dinner and a long walk at Kalyani Nagar. She's (Sonia) a very good friend of mine and we were meeting after a good 2 months. So we had a lot to talk about. It was a chilly evening and night was getting darker and colder with the artificial lighting courtesy to MSEB. She wanted to listen who "SHE" is whom I fell in love with and I wanted to know about why she had cried last night.

We walked towards Burger king for having kinda dinner. Sometimes I love fast food as a dinner just for a change otherwise I am always happy with traditional Indian food as dinner or lunch. We saw couples walking towards the Lounge and Discs and wonder if we could do the same. I saw sexy gals wearing sexy outfits and I kept staring until they disappeared.

Burger King at Kalyani Nagar is good place except the Owner Uncle who is too khadoos to deal with. By the way, we placed our order and I saw people were chatting on different tables around us. I listened one of the guy talking about football game and the other boasting about his Gym schedule. I heard a couple talking about their conflicts and saw Sonia playing with her ring.

Finally I asked Sonia why she cried last night and she told about her dad forcing her to see guys from and choose one of them. Why all the dads are like that, they want their daughters to get married and produce children...what a fuckin idea? We talked about "HER”, about Rinki one of my old friends who was born at the same date (31 Oct) before 25 years and her father was also behind her for marriage. We also discussed about the couples and groups entering ABC farm. They came dressed in colorful Halloween outfits. They were looking so happy and excited about that night and we kept wondering if we would also feel the same one day.

By the way after a good 2 hour of chatting…it was almost 10:30 PM and Sonia’s dad had already tried calling her 4 times and I could feel those vibes of tension on her face. So I asked her if I could drop her to her hostel so that she could call her dad and make some excuses why she could not pick the call (I keep wondering why sometimes Girls' fathers act like Monster). I consider myself lucky when it comes to parents, as I hardly hide anything from them and they also look happy when it comes to trust in their son (did you notice I just boasted about myself huh..).

Now I feel that I can not do much about Sonia so I am just dedicating one poem which I made while my way back to home from hers.

The cold light of moon was streaming through the window,
and she cried, cried and cried;
she thought if someone would knock the door and give her a shoulder,
or if someone would call her and tell her to be bolder,
nothing happened but she cried, and cried;

she found herself alone with the demons of her own,
she asked herself the worst question why she was born...
she could do nothing but cried, cried..and cried;

The time was passing, night was chilly and gettig colder,
God listened to her and sent her a set of shoulder;
Her friends were around her at midnight, she was surprised'
they all made her cheer and take her for a long ride;
her smile was back and she felt satisfied,
that's why God makes friend who are always your side.

Thank you Soina..I hope you would enjoy this poem and excuse me for giving a happy ending I am an optimist..

Note: Sonia is an imaginary name I gave to my friend.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning....27/10/09

Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time I did not post anything in the Blog. Actually there was nothing to post and nothing new in the life for last 10 days. Things are simply getting worse for me day by day. I still remember when I told Sandy about my life, "Bhai I am living a very good life for last 5-6 months and I wonder if some problem is about to come as I really don't have the habit to pass such a good long period in my life. Bhai kuchh to hone vala hai".
And the next day both of our laptops were stolen from our home. Sandy decided to shift to his own flat and I shifted with my Brother.

Now I am changing my topic to her:

I still wonder how I am going to express my feelings to her but the first thing I need is to meet her at least once to say something. Prerna (One of our common friend) is taking too much time for arranging a meet and whenever I call her she has the same reply, "Main try kar rahi hu". Himanshuji ne kaha tha "There's no words called ‘TRY' ". I really don't know what kind of 'TRY' it is.

I visited office on one day and felt like sitting on the same chair where she used to sit. I kept sitting there for two hour and thought nothing but about her. I could feel her touch on the keys of the keyboard. I could still feel her fragrance in the cubical. There were around 18 people in the office but Herry was alone looking at the monitor screen and tapping his fingers on the keyboard and the funny part was that computer was not on.

Then I left the office with an intention to go to college. Suddenly I saw her coming towards me on her bike from the opposite side of the Tilak road and she was smiling like an angel. I started finding myself lucky enough like the character Jonathan of Serendipity who actually met the same girl 3 times on Xmas eve and fell in love in that starlit night. That was simply a coincidence. And then signal turned into Green, which gave me a feeling that whatever I saw was nothing but daydreaming. I was wondering if I would get a glace of her on her kinetic but 'Ittefaq' happens only in Romantic movies. I felt happy and a bit sad. It happens only when you are in love that you experience the feeling of being happy and sad together. I would really feel lucky if someday this 'Ittefaq' would happen to me as well. Finally I reached college with all these thoughts in my mind.

The architecture of my college is awesome. If you would have seen any Karan Johar movie and you might have observed grand ‘Bungalow’, my college is just same. I found one place in a corner where sunrays were streaming from the glass at the same time I could see my image in that glass. It seems to be a beautiful and peaceful place. I took out one of the book which I am reading these days ‘Kite Runner’ and started reading and making notes. I spent a good 2 hours after a long time and I actually enjoyed those two hours. I could see sun was dropping by centimeters every 5 minutes and by the time it was time to go sun was ready to bury itself into the earth.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deewali Special!!!

Hi Friends,

I have lot to write about yesterday but today I shall make it a Diwali Special.
I woke up early in the morning (10 am) and started cleaning my home. There was a lot to be done so I was dusting, cleaning and trying to arrange my 2 rooms flat so that it should look good and we can welcome Laxmi in the evening.

I asked my neighbor if I can put some water on the stairs and compound so that it should look clean. My neighbor is a bude baba (aap 70 +) and he did say, "Nai beta, jarurat nai hai. Jinko saaf karna chahiye vo to saaf karte nai tum kyu pareshan ho rahe ho. Hamare liye to sare dharm barabar hain fir log hain ki mante nai itni gandgi failate hain - (He was pointing another neighbor who is muslim and he wanted to say that they did not clean at all because he's not bother about Hindu's festival."
Now this is what I have learnt from a senior citizen not to clean staircase and be happy with my house cleaning. But I still cleaned the compound and staircase and followed my Mom's saying - "Suno sabki karo apne man ki".

Few lines on this Diwali:

We say Diwali is the festival of Light,
Why do I see the same dark Jhuggi-jhopdis behind my flat?

We say Diwali is the festival of victory of good over bad,
today only I've seen so many people breaking the signal?

We clean our homes in Diwali by any how,
Why do people empty all their Bins on the road?

Let's promise ourselves and take some resolution;
We shall clean our country and change our nation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

13 Oct 2009...when my brother asked me to write something at deep level..

It was 9:30 pm, we came back from dinner and I simply lie down on my bed after changing. I started writing something and Saurabh asked me to write something deep. He inspired me that I could write something more sensible so I simply started from what was visible around me and believe me, this poem is going to make you think when you complete reading conclusion part of the poem:

Lying on my bed, I can see the ceiling,
How can it be so still?
Books are in front of Saurabh, my brother,
Why is he busy playing with his mobile?

My MBA books are a few inches away,
Why can’t I study and do something productive?

The watch is making clicking sound every after few seconds,
Why can’t it stop for a few seconds?

My music player is helping the environment to be musical,
And I know it will stop in some time.

I can see the half moon through the window,
I know it will disappear in couple of hours.

My Icard is hanging on the window and moving like a pendulum
As the wind blows, And I know it will stop if wind stops.

The world around us is the combination of certain and Uncertain,
Certain is so obvious and does not excite, On the other hand uncertain keeps us in mystery and is the source of motivation.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

19 Sep, The day when I met Hemant Arora....

It was sunny Saturday(19 Sep 09). I was in college sitting in front of Computer. I was restless, fretful and uneasy at that time. I was feeling unsatisfied and felt like something is sucking out the blood from my veins without my acknowledgment. Everything inside the Comp-Lab was looking cool except my own image on the monitor of the computer.

Then my hand moved and took the cursor to the face book status space and my fingers started tapping on the keyboard:

"And the wind just went through my ears singing some song when I was on my Bike....
It gave me a message to be continuous, never-stopping, and surrender myself in the service of mankind"

I felt a bit happier after writing couple of lines. Things suddenly started changing for me and I tried to write something again:

She told me not to be scared,
She told me not to be upset;
Then she whispered me to be calm and cool,
She was the first ray of sun that early morning.

I was wondering if it was my mood or I was actually turning into new poet who is trying to fly in the sky of imagination. Whatever it was, I started feeling better and suddenly that Comp-Lab started turning into a beautiful place. Those beautiful and sexy girls of my college started making some sense to me. My straight face started showing a small curve on the monitor screen and I started speaking to myself.

I felt different, unique and unsatisfied traveler in a journey called life. Did I find something or it was a new transition in my life. Would I be able to know what I exactly want from my life? By the time I could figure out the answer, it was 6:25 and lecture time was approaching. It was Research Methodology lecture which is always quite boring. During lecture I took a blank page and wrote something:

The words of professor are buzzing into my ears,
the light of the lamps is flashing into the fans;
Look at the ant crawling through the wall winding up for the day,
The curtains are moving by the wind through the window,
The world looks awesome within the class except the boring lecture by Professor.

Comon Herry, what was that? I certainly couldn't believe myself for few minutes but I actually wrote that. I felt if my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something and I tried my hard to know what exactly it wanted to say. And then I felt if the doors just opened for a fraction of second and I saw whatever I want from my life. I could listen what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me and I started recalling those books telling about subconscious mind proved to be fact telling stories.

After the lecture I found myself different but it was not lecture what brought that change into me. It was just my subconscious mind who was responsible for this transition and I could feel that in my talk, vibes and actions.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Days with Sandy....

  • What if you had been given an opportunity to express and you have nothing to say?
  • What if you desperately want to speak but your thought process does not allow you to speak anything?
  • What if you simply start writing your blog without any topic in your mind?

    And that’s what I am doing today. It’s 6:05 am and I just gave a break to my trainees and took a break from office hours for writing my BLOG. Let me make it clear that I don't have any intention to take revenge from my company by writing my blog in office hours(like Chetan Bhagat, when he started writing five point someone). It has become my friend and I can’t stop myself from posting ‘something’ everyday. Now before you go ahead, let me tell you that ‘something’ is always not interesting so you might end up wasting your time.

    By the way, I was happy to receive call from Sandy today, as he called me after a long time and wanted to know about my Blog. It made me happy, that he called me and gave me the flash back of those days when our days were so restless that we used to go for a cup of tea to Railway station at 2:00 am in the morning. There was also a phase when our weekend did not pass without having alcohol and smoke. We used to convince our self and give reason behind our alcohol and Smoke.

    Thanks for those moments Sandy and let me dedicate some lines to our friendship:
    When the days were restless and nights went sleepless,
    We were least bothered about our lifestyle;
    We tried hard learning from each other and took us out of that mess,
    And cracked foolish jokes to make our face smile;
    I still remember those after dinner walks,
    And philosophy we used to discuss to make this world better;
    We went on waking up nights to have our talks,
    Why did we bother about all the world’s matters?

    I still miss those days when I was busy with my so called clients,
    You spent all the Sunday roaming in the ground busy with mind strife;
    I used to regret but did not have any other option in my mind,
    Then we ended with smile and carried the journey called life…..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the cost of Consumer Behavior exam....;)

It's 5:33 pm and I have my Consumer Behavior exam at 7 pm, still I managed some time to write, that's what the quality of manager is. One of my friend Himanshu used to say, "Jo log mng me jaldi uthte hain vo darte hai ki kahin jindgi ki daud me peeche na reh jayen, aur hume dekho hum der se uthne k baad me jaldi uthne valo ko peechhe chhodne me yakin rakhte hain". Very true Himanshu, and your philosphy helped me writing blog at inappropriate time.

So here's the good news guys. When you love someone, even the voice of her sounds like music, you completely forget what to talk and prefer listening to the laughter, feeling the smile and visualizing what other person might be doing at that time.

After yesterday, I was not feeling very great today however I was normal but not happy. This feeling took my fingers to my cellphone and dialled her number(my fingers are stronger than my heart). By the way I talked to her for 9 mins 40 secs. See how precisely I have mentioned the time. All these things automatically becomes important when you feel that way. During these 9:40 Mins, she laughed, she giggled and sometimes she did smile and I kept wishing if I could be in front of her to see her reaction. I tried my best to be humorous and I guess I succeeded. And at last here are the lines:

She was laughing while talking to me on her cell phone,
I wish if I could feel her breathe if I would have been her earphone;
I kept trying hard to be humorous at the same time maintained my tone,
At last when we had nothing to say we kept mum and lone;
My memory will keep an entry for this conversation in a special zone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God!!!! don't do this to me this time....

It was Tuesday afternoon. My cellphone rang and woke me up multiple times. Then Saurabh walked in and I couldn't sleep afterward. It's 7:23 PM and I didn't have anything after morning 8:30 am maggi. It seems that world had suddenly stopped for me and I am still wondering how to start it again.

God always takes my hard test before giving me anything or I should say everything. I don't know why but today I really found floor slipping from my feet. I was numb, dead and frozen for couple of minutes when I came to know that she is about to get engaged with someone. Her family decided the guy and she would be known as the wife of the guy after 10-12 months. Thanks to a friend who helped me getting this information. After few minutes of numbness, I felt that Herry can not be dead, Herry can not be a loser again and Herry is going to propose her and not let her go with anybody whom she had never loved or known.

Now guys we all have to pray for myself (I've to be selfish here) and give me a chance to meet her once so that I would not regret the whole life. Let me define this moment in some lines:

Sometimes God gives you happiness for a short time,
Herry felt the same way and reached cloud number 9;
After a short time of happiness God please save him from pine,
Accept his wish and bring her to make Herry's face shine.

These are fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life :)

I didn't see her since Sep 30

On the very second day i.e. 30 Sep, I met her and she actually praised my poem I wrote for her. I straight away went to washroom and danced for 5 seconds. I would have danced more if that security guy would not have come in.

I never though if I would be so crazy about a girl but now I actually did. I called her on Thursday but I was really not sure what to talk however I still talked to her for 5 minutes. As soon as I hung up the phone, so many things started coming into my mind what I should have discussed or asked her to engage her in conversation. I was still feeling happy after that 5 minutes which gave me a chance to listen to her beautiful voice and imagining if she is standing in front of me. Well my imagination has become so strong for last few days that I can imagine her anywhere anytime.

I also had some lines and will post them soon.
Request you guys to criticize so that I can improve.

To be continued.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happiest day in my life..continued

Then there was some discussion about love and marriage. Rohan was asking for an explanation for these two. I didn’t leave this chance to express my feelings and said, “When we love someone we should not use our mind and look for explanation if we should love that girl or not depending upon various factors like cast, language etc, otherwise it can not be love. Love needs to be unconditional otherwise its not love." And someone just broke out in tears after listening to my words. I really had no idea what was the reason but she did broke out in tears.

I tried to console her but was unable to think of the big “WHY” behind her tears. Without thinking too much I just escaped her eyes to wipe out a single drop behind my specs. I don’t know why it came out and she noticed me wiping out that tear.

Now I again got a chance to express my feelings as everybody was asked to sing a song and without thinking too much I sang “Mera tujhse hai pehle ka nata….”. Now it was her chance and she sang, “Ajeeb dastan hai ye..”. Now I was feeling her vibes and she was staring at me in a very strange manner and I couldn’t look into her eyes at that time. I started shivering at 3 noon. And I just was recalling that Hindi bollywood song “sardi me paseena..”...kya aisa sahi me hota hai??

Whatever it was a great feeling and I am considering that 20% my proposal is already accepted.
Guys!!!!!!!!!pray for me and wait and watch more….

Thanks for reading my Blog..

This is complete fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life. If the same matches your life, it may be a coincident :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29 Sep 2009 - He lived the happiest moment of my life........

One of my friends told me this story.....I am writing it in the first person so that you can feel a personal touch

It was Tuesday morning and I got up at 7:00 am. I slept again and woke up @ 10:00 am. I would not have got up if Ashok sir would not have called me. He wanted me to come to the office and I was looking for an excuse to go there. So I woke up and I was ready by 11:30 to move to my part time office.

I used to be a very practical person but for few days, I started letting my heart participate in my decisions, so I dropped my Bro at his Classes and reached office by 12:00 noon. There were so many ppl in the office and most of them were in formal. I was the only one in Jeans- shirt but who cares, I came with an intention to see her.

Now we decided to have lunch together and that excites me. After all it would give me a chance to sit with her even if it was a group lunch and he would be fool who would miss this type of chance which I am not. We reached a very good restaurant where I started looking for a place from where I can directly look into her eyes and she could also do the same (if she feel so).

Now the time comes when I have been asked to write something about Ashok sir (they did know my new interest). So I wrote few lines:

And here we are, at the bollywood party of Aman sharma..
He is looking awesome, handsome and cheerful guy,
May god give all the success to the lucky guy;
We wish to see him very soon on 70 mm screen,
We are gonna shout, hoot and scream on every scene;
We want him to still consider us as the part of his team,
May god fulfill all his dreams..

Obviously everyone clapped (that's what happen in every get together, ppl clap even if they don't like your stuff). Now it was a beautiful chance to dedicate the lines to her ,those were made 4 days ago, when I had come to know that she would be leaving the office very soon.

I played smart and pretend that I did create those lines on the spot and handed over my pen to Rohan to start writing while I dictate my lines to him. And then I started reading those lines making hard efforts so that they should sound loudly:

Look at her, she just stepped into the office….
Walking through the passage, spreading her fragrance across the floor;
Drawing three lines on the wall with her three fingers through the sideways,
Exposing her nails..let me tell you her nails doesn’t have any polish;
she never wears any makeup on her face,
She’s looking awesome in her ethnic wears which suits her the best;
And here she smiles; her laughter just makes me crazy....
Tomorrow she’s going away…leaving us miss her a lot..I just want to say..
I wish I could see her again…. I wish I could see her again….

These are fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life :)