Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monday I saw the new sun rising from the east

So next day I was in the office for the interview in time. I was looking forward to the meeting with Senior Managers. Numerolgy was in my mind but the first question was how I would make the first impression lasting enough to sell myself. The senior manager was a Punjabi gentleman, his face was shining and he seems to be having a lot of experience. The interaction was really different then the previous two rounds.

We talked about Training, Operations, Goals and ambitions etc. I actually recited a poem in the interview. I got a positive feedback from Mr. Senior Manager and next day I finally got to know that I did crack the interview. At the same time I cracked one more interview in the other company that increased my confidence more.

Right now I am sitting in one of my favourite internet cafe. I just finished Two States and it seems to be one more awesome work by Mr. Bhagat. I also wrote a poem on one of the incident from this book and offcourse I am going to post it right away:

Monday I saw the new sun rising from the east;
I am still feeling the words said by that priest.
The whole burden of sorrows was off my head;
1st time after a long time I spring up with a smile from my bed.

It was a dream which was the cause of my happiness;
The old man came to me and asked for the reason of my wretchedness.
The old man was wearing white clothes with a balding head;
I felt the energy when he put his hand on my head.

He advised me to understand the true meaning of ‘forgiveness’;
How easy it is to take off the load from the head and feel burden less.
I exactly did the same and hugged my father in my dream;
I realized it was so easy to forgive than cursing.

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