Friday, December 18, 2009

Learning of the day: 16 Dec 09

Dear readers, I am in conversation with a magazine and they would surely have a look at my blog before giving me a ‘go ahead’ with my article. I request you guys to give some comments or just tick on one of the option as you like it (After struggling technically I had made some box available interesting, cool etc so that you can tick anyone of them). May be some day I would be able to publish my own book because of your blessings. Thanks a lot for your love. Please distribute this among your friends so that I can have few more comments to impress the editor of the magazine.

Learning of the day:

Some people are always frustrated with their lives, and we get to meet these people very frequently. These are the bad mates in the office; you feel the negative energy when you are around them. They complain a lot and also want you to listen to them. Let me warn you not to be the source where they can take their frustration out.

As I said, every good thing comes with its own consequences, I also found some people in vicinity in my new office which can be a source of negative energy. Initially I found them interesting however as I spent some more time with them, I came to know that they suck. And this is not my individual opinion but it’s a common opinion across the floor about these people.

So the conclusion is that we need to keep a distance from these people, as they belong to none but themselves. You never know when they prove to be harmful to you. I came across with such instance today and would never try to proactively talk to such people, rather I shall let them come to me for help and then play accordingly when ball is in my court.

My new office is cool. The office is only 5 kms away from my home and I use my bike to go to the office. There’s not much work as such so sometimes it’s easy to steal some time from office working hours and write my blog. Unfortunately I don’t have access to gmail, orkut, facebook etc websites. These websites play a very critical role in the balance sheets of Big IT giants. I am sure most of the employees (including me) in big IT companies spend 25% of the working time on these social networking websites and the best thing is that we call these websites stress busters. Just imagine if 10000 employees of an IT companies spend only 30 minutes on these social networking websites, they are responsible for the loss of the revenue which might have come from those 300000 minutes or 50000 Hours. Well I was just trying to think like an employer however this is the best way to compensate if you think you are less paid (and who does think that he is overpaidJ).

So I just came back from break and one more person has complemented me saying that I look like 28 or something. Now who will not get irritated after being complemented as overage? I am desperately looking for someone who can suggest me some tips so that I can start looking underage or at least 25 which is my current age. Being heard overage is as bad as if someone just commented on your new car as a second hand. It is like if someone had compared your latest girlfriend with some Aunti.

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