Friday, December 18, 2009

17 December 2009...

Someone has rightly said, “God could not be everywhere and that’s why he has created Mom”. Yesterday I reached home at 8:00 pm and I found it as expected. My dear lazy brother did not clean the home as promised and I will also not do that until he cleans it once. But as usual, I will clean it if he does not and I also know that he will not and I will have to do it on Sunday. Enough of confusion, after reaching home I found myself reluctant to study. Exams are close and I am not able to convince myself to study at least an hour a day. After reaching home I learned that I was free for next 45 minutes as mess timing was 8:45. I thought of studying but could not. My hands reached the power switch to turn on Computer; however they picked up a book either. Don’t stretch your eyes with surprise because it is obviously not a course book but ‘that kiss in the rain’ a novel by a young writer.

After dinner I felt an urge to talk to someone. Being single is a blessing by itself but sometimes it sucks and I was feeling the same that day. I literally went through the entire address book in my mobile phone and finally dialed mom. I spoke with Mom about lot of things and after a long time we talked for about an hour. We talked about my marriage most of the time and my Mom was interested to know my salary so that she can reveal the same details to my prospective parents-in-laws. It was a nice conversation after a long time and I felt great.

After talking to my Mom I again lost into my thoughts. Certain faces went through my mind and gave me pictures of the old days. Those pictures in my mind off course include all my old girlfriends. I was forced by my mind to miss those days when I used to get irritated if I get to see any number flashing on my cell phone. I used to get so many calls in a single day that I was forced to spend 10% of the time in a day on phone. And now if I look at the list of calls in my cell phone menu, the last call I received was today at 11:28 am and it was a call from my brother. One of my friends Komal called me yesterday at 4:30 pm to enquire about a book…..huhhh, the famous dude Hemant Arora has now turned into a book counselor. Life shows us too many stages and sometimes one stage can be called an antonym of the other.

Let me end this post by saying few lines about the word which sounds so familiar even to a new born creature. 99% of the babies tend to speak this word and this is the first word in their vocabulary. This word does not have any religion or cast. This word does not belong to any community. One of the most powerful word in this artificial word – “Mom” :

She is the one, who can do anything for you;
She will feed you even if she is starving.
She is the one, who carries you for 9 months;
She will not sleep unless she makes sure that you are sleeping.

She is the one, who keeps crying when you fail your exams;
She will prepare sweets whenever you leave home for a long trip.
She writes the letters even if none of them is answered;
She is the only one who becomes restless when you don’t call at the given time.

No one can take her place; her love for you is unconditional;
She does not follow you just because your pockets are hefty.
Her prayers list always includes what you desire;
Can there be any word more affectionate then ‘Mom’?


  1. very true & touchy post! well ur mom will be happy for u when she reads this feelings :)

    keep writing & smiling :)


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