Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Xmas..

Well, this is the third Saturday when I am in the office. 6 days working sucks but I am happy with my morning shift..what you say!!!

Merry Xmas to all of you…I know this one has come a day after Christmas but its better to be late than never. Xmas morning was quite boring but interesting. I was at the Suzuki Showroom to receive our new scooterate Suzuki Access 125. It took me 3 hours and I literally told them that I was not going to leave without bike and they had to deliver it at last.

We planned to spend the Xmas evening watching 3 Idiots, however the plan could not execute as the show was houseful everywhere. So I spent the evening in 2 halve. The first half of the evening was spent with a good friend ‘Punnu’ and ‘Mush’ with a dinner in Red Chilly. We enjoyed a lot. The second half was spent with my little bro ‘Saurabh’ when we sipped coffee at FC Road. I noticed my brother was really happy after the first biggest purchase of his life. We came back home at 12:30, and I took out my books to study but as usual I preferred sleeping instead going through those boring notes and books.

I wrote a poem last week when I was sitting at Chaitanya at FC Road. It was about her and I also have no clue who this ‘she’ is. It was just an imagination so don’t take it otherwise. The frequency of writing poems had been decreased now and came down to 2 poems per week from 1-2 poems a day. Well, this was natural as now there are fewer sources to motivate me for writing a poem.

Here’s the romantic one:

I found her too beautiful to define her beauty in words,
I kept looking at sky, my eyes looking at the birds;

Then I took her hand in my hand our lips locked together,

I could listen nothing but could hear only birds’ chatter;

I was numb for sometime she smelled like heaven,
I had a thought of proposing her right then finally taking it as an Omen;

Love is beautiful, it is unconditional, does not have any age,
People become happy after finding their love and forget all their rage.

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