Sunday, October 11, 2009

19 Sep, The day when I met Hemant Arora....

It was sunny Saturday(19 Sep 09). I was in college sitting in front of Computer. I was restless, fretful and uneasy at that time. I was feeling unsatisfied and felt like something is sucking out the blood from my veins without my acknowledgment. Everything inside the Comp-Lab was looking cool except my own image on the monitor of the computer.

Then my hand moved and took the cursor to the face book status space and my fingers started tapping on the keyboard:

"And the wind just went through my ears singing some song when I was on my Bike....
It gave me a message to be continuous, never-stopping, and surrender myself in the service of mankind"

I felt a bit happier after writing couple of lines. Things suddenly started changing for me and I tried to write something again:

She told me not to be scared,
She told me not to be upset;
Then she whispered me to be calm and cool,
She was the first ray of sun that early morning.

I was wondering if it was my mood or I was actually turning into new poet who is trying to fly in the sky of imagination. Whatever it was, I started feeling better and suddenly that Comp-Lab started turning into a beautiful place. Those beautiful and sexy girls of my college started making some sense to me. My straight face started showing a small curve on the monitor screen and I started speaking to myself.

I felt different, unique and unsatisfied traveler in a journey called life. Did I find something or it was a new transition in my life. Would I be able to know what I exactly want from my life? By the time I could figure out the answer, it was 6:25 and lecture time was approaching. It was Research Methodology lecture which is always quite boring. During lecture I took a blank page and wrote something:

The words of professor are buzzing into my ears,
the light of the lamps is flashing into the fans;
Look at the ant crawling through the wall winding up for the day,
The curtains are moving by the wind through the window,
The world looks awesome within the class except the boring lecture by Professor.

Comon Herry, what was that? I certainly couldn't believe myself for few minutes but I actually wrote that. I felt if my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something and I tried my hard to know what exactly it wanted to say. And then I felt if the doors just opened for a fraction of second and I saw whatever I want from my life. I could listen what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me and I started recalling those books telling about subconscious mind proved to be fact telling stories.

After the lecture I found myself different but it was not lecture what brought that change into me. It was just my subconscious mind who was responsible for this transition and I could feel that in my talk, vibes and actions.

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