Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deewali Special!!!

Hi Friends,

I have lot to write about yesterday but today I shall make it a Diwali Special.
I woke up early in the morning (10 am) and started cleaning my home. There was a lot to be done so I was dusting, cleaning and trying to arrange my 2 rooms flat so that it should look good and we can welcome Laxmi in the evening.

I asked my neighbor if I can put some water on the stairs and compound so that it should look clean. My neighbor is a bude baba (aap 70 +) and he did say, "Nai beta, jarurat nai hai. Jinko saaf karna chahiye vo to saaf karte nai tum kyu pareshan ho rahe ho. Hamare liye to sare dharm barabar hain fir log hain ki mante nai itni gandgi failate hain - (He was pointing another neighbor who is muslim and he wanted to say that they did not clean at all because he's not bother about Hindu's festival."
Now this is what I have learnt from a senior citizen not to clean staircase and be happy with my house cleaning. But I still cleaned the compound and staircase and followed my Mom's saying - "Suno sabki karo apne man ki".

Few lines on this Diwali:

We say Diwali is the festival of Light,
Why do I see the same dark Jhuggi-jhopdis behind my flat?

We say Diwali is the festival of victory of good over bad,
today only I've seen so many people breaking the signal?

We clean our homes in Diwali by any how,
Why do people empty all their Bins on the road?

Let's promise ourselves and take some resolution;
We shall clean our country and change our nation.

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