Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God!!!! don't do this to me this time....

It was Tuesday afternoon. My cellphone rang and woke me up multiple times. Then Saurabh walked in and I couldn't sleep afterward. It's 7:23 PM and I didn't have anything after morning 8:30 am maggi. It seems that world had suddenly stopped for me and I am still wondering how to start it again.

God always takes my hard test before giving me anything or I should say everything. I don't know why but today I really found floor slipping from my feet. I was numb, dead and frozen for couple of minutes when I came to know that she is about to get engaged with someone. Her family decided the guy and she would be known as the wife of the guy after 10-12 months. Thanks to a friend who helped me getting this information. After few minutes of numbness, I felt that Herry can not be dead, Herry can not be a loser again and Herry is going to propose her and not let her go with anybody whom she had never loved or known.

Now guys we all have to pray for myself (I've to be selfish here) and give me a chance to meet her once so that I would not regret the whole life. Let me define this moment in some lines:

Sometimes God gives you happiness for a short time,
Herry felt the same way and reached cloud number 9;
After a short time of happiness God please save him from pine,
Accept his wish and bring her to make Herry's face shine.

These are fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life :)

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