Friday, October 9, 2009

Days with Sandy....

  • What if you had been given an opportunity to express and you have nothing to say?
  • What if you desperately want to speak but your thought process does not allow you to speak anything?
  • What if you simply start writing your blog without any topic in your mind?

    And that’s what I am doing today. It’s 6:05 am and I just gave a break to my trainees and took a break from office hours for writing my BLOG. Let me make it clear that I don't have any intention to take revenge from my company by writing my blog in office hours(like Chetan Bhagat, when he started writing five point someone). It has become my friend and I can’t stop myself from posting ‘something’ everyday. Now before you go ahead, let me tell you that ‘something’ is always not interesting so you might end up wasting your time.

    By the way, I was happy to receive call from Sandy today, as he called me after a long time and wanted to know about my Blog. It made me happy, that he called me and gave me the flash back of those days when our days were so restless that we used to go for a cup of tea to Railway station at 2:00 am in the morning. There was also a phase when our weekend did not pass without having alcohol and smoke. We used to convince our self and give reason behind our alcohol and Smoke.

    Thanks for those moments Sandy and let me dedicate some lines to our friendship:
    When the days were restless and nights went sleepless,
    We were least bothered about our lifestyle;
    We tried hard learning from each other and took us out of that mess,
    And cracked foolish jokes to make our face smile;
    I still remember those after dinner walks,
    And philosophy we used to discuss to make this world better;
    We went on waking up nights to have our talks,
    Why did we bother about all the world’s matters?

    I still miss those days when I was busy with my so called clients,
    You spent all the Sunday roaming in the ground busy with mind strife;
    I used to regret but did not have any other option in my mind,
    Then we ended with smile and carried the journey called life…..

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