Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning....27/10/09

Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time I did not post anything in the Blog. Actually there was nothing to post and nothing new in the life for last 10 days. Things are simply getting worse for me day by day. I still remember when I told Sandy about my life, "Bhai I am living a very good life for last 5-6 months and I wonder if some problem is about to come as I really don't have the habit to pass such a good long period in my life. Bhai kuchh to hone vala hai".
And the next day both of our laptops were stolen from our home. Sandy decided to shift to his own flat and I shifted with my Brother.

Now I am changing my topic to her:

I still wonder how I am going to express my feelings to her but the first thing I need is to meet her at least once to say something. Prerna (One of our common friend) is taking too much time for arranging a meet and whenever I call her she has the same reply, "Main try kar rahi hu". Himanshuji ne kaha tha "There's no words called ‘TRY' ". I really don't know what kind of 'TRY' it is.

I visited office on one day and felt like sitting on the same chair where she used to sit. I kept sitting there for two hour and thought nothing but about her. I could feel her touch on the keys of the keyboard. I could still feel her fragrance in the cubical. There were around 18 people in the office but Herry was alone looking at the monitor screen and tapping his fingers on the keyboard and the funny part was that computer was not on.

Then I left the office with an intention to go to college. Suddenly I saw her coming towards me on her bike from the opposite side of the Tilak road and she was smiling like an angel. I started finding myself lucky enough like the character Jonathan of Serendipity who actually met the same girl 3 times on Xmas eve and fell in love in that starlit night. That was simply a coincidence. And then signal turned into Green, which gave me a feeling that whatever I saw was nothing but daydreaming. I was wondering if I would get a glace of her on her kinetic but 'Ittefaq' happens only in Romantic movies. I felt happy and a bit sad. It happens only when you are in love that you experience the feeling of being happy and sad together. I would really feel lucky if someday this 'Ittefaq' would happen to me as well. Finally I reached college with all these thoughts in my mind.

The architecture of my college is awesome. If you would have seen any Karan Johar movie and you might have observed grand ‘Bungalow’, my college is just same. I found one place in a corner where sunrays were streaming from the glass at the same time I could see my image in that glass. It seems to be a beautiful and peaceful place. I took out one of the book which I am reading these days ‘Kite Runner’ and started reading and making notes. I spent a good 2 hours after a long time and I actually enjoyed those two hours. I could see sun was dropping by centimeters every 5 minutes and by the time it was time to go sun was ready to bury itself into the earth.


  1. bhai ...
    nice poem,mujhe bataya nahi ye naya silsila kab se shuru kiya..

  2. Bhai ye silsila shuru nai kiya...bas ho gaya..


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