Sunday, November 1, 2009

And she cried, cried and cried.....

I wanted to say NO but it's been a long time I had not gone out with friends so I said Yes and we were together for a short dinner and a long walk at Kalyani Nagar. She's (Sonia) a very good friend of mine and we were meeting after a good 2 months. So we had a lot to talk about. It was a chilly evening and night was getting darker and colder with the artificial lighting courtesy to MSEB. She wanted to listen who "SHE" is whom I fell in love with and I wanted to know about why she had cried last night.

We walked towards Burger king for having kinda dinner. Sometimes I love fast food as a dinner just for a change otherwise I am always happy with traditional Indian food as dinner or lunch. We saw couples walking towards the Lounge and Discs and wonder if we could do the same. I saw sexy gals wearing sexy outfits and I kept staring until they disappeared.

Burger King at Kalyani Nagar is good place except the Owner Uncle who is too khadoos to deal with. By the way, we placed our order and I saw people were chatting on different tables around us. I listened one of the guy talking about football game and the other boasting about his Gym schedule. I heard a couple talking about their conflicts and saw Sonia playing with her ring.

Finally I asked Sonia why she cried last night and she told about her dad forcing her to see guys from and choose one of them. Why all the dads are like that, they want their daughters to get married and produce children...what a fuckin idea? We talked about "HER”, about Rinki one of my old friends who was born at the same date (31 Oct) before 25 years and her father was also behind her for marriage. We also discussed about the couples and groups entering ABC farm. They came dressed in colorful Halloween outfits. They were looking so happy and excited about that night and we kept wondering if we would also feel the same one day.

By the way after a good 2 hour of chatting…it was almost 10:30 PM and Sonia’s dad had already tried calling her 4 times and I could feel those vibes of tension on her face. So I asked her if I could drop her to her hostel so that she could call her dad and make some excuses why she could not pick the call (I keep wondering why sometimes Girls' fathers act like Monster). I consider myself lucky when it comes to parents, as I hardly hide anything from them and they also look happy when it comes to trust in their son (did you notice I just boasted about myself huh..).

Now I feel that I can not do much about Sonia so I am just dedicating one poem which I made while my way back to home from hers.

The cold light of moon was streaming through the window,
and she cried, cried and cried;
she thought if someone would knock the door and give her a shoulder,
or if someone would call her and tell her to be bolder,
nothing happened but she cried, and cried;

she found herself alone with the demons of her own,
she asked herself the worst question why she was born...
she could do nothing but cried, cried..and cried;

The time was passing, night was chilly and gettig colder,
God listened to her and sent her a set of shoulder;
Her friends were around her at midnight, she was surprised'
they all made her cheer and take her for a long ride;
her smile was back and she felt satisfied,
that's why God makes friend who are always your side.

Thank you Soina..I hope you would enjoy this poem and excuse me for giving a happy ending I am an optimist..

Note: Sonia is an imaginary name I gave to my friend.


  1. Hey,
    It's lovely and sweet :)

  2. The Stalker In Me Is Back... :>
    A Very Well Written Post And A Great Poem.
    Just A Few Things - You Use 'By The Way' A Lot And It Does Not Fit In The Places Where You Use It... Use Some Other Word Or Phase... By The Way Means Just Like That (Without Intention) Or It Is Used When You Are Adding Something - "We Are Here. By The Way, Did You Do So And So"....
    Also before is not used to mention the past time... your sentence.. "before 25 years" is grammatically incorrect.. as it should be 25 years ago. I noticed it in some other posts too... before is used in comparison to something.. "before he arrived"...
    just see to all these.. rest all is perfect.

  3. Hey thank you Stalker ;)....and it's nice to see someone observing my blog so closely...

    Critics are always good if they are given and taken in the right sense..

    Thank you for spending your time :)


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