Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life goes on....

Hi All,

I know you might be waiting for me to update my blog and thank you for giving so many visits in past 1 month.

Life seems to be so easy and sometimes so complicated that you adjust yourself in a routine and you are so reluctant to come out of it. Has it ever happened to anyone of you that you start enjoying the privacy that results in avoiding group meets and trips? It’s actually happening with me these days.

It’s Saturday. I am experiencing the same Saturday 3rd time and I am avoiding any chance to break this routine. This routine includes my 2 hours at IPRU (My part time office) then college for preparation of pending project followed by my 3 hours which is usually 3:30 to 6:30 in the same corner of the college where I can see a perfect sunset with my best friend i.e. mostly a Book. And I am so happy with this perfect Saturday that I decided not to go to Lonavala with Sumit.

This week was a cocktail of good and bad. We were tensed as we had to seek for a guarantor so that my younger bro's two wheeler loan could be approved. I was hesitating asking anyone of my friend because I know it’s not an easy decision to be the guarantor for loan. I asked one of my friends and he said that he could not give because his dad forbids him to do so and I had to take that bullshit of dad.

By the way, my brother knows one of the Aunti at a place where he stayed for 2 years in a hostel. He approached Aunti. Aunti made him talk to Uncle and he accepted to be the guarantor without any problem. Now I don’t know the definition of ‘Marathi Manoos’ given by Raaj Thakre or some other Neta, but I found this ‘Marathi Manoos’ great. Uncle was so simple and ready to help without even knowing us. I simply appreciated him and also requested him to call me whenever he would be in difficulty any time in future. Someone (don’t remember name)has rightly said; “Duniya me abhi bhi achhe logo ki ginti bure logo se jyada hai aur tabhi duniya chal rahi hai”.

Finally loan was approved and we felt a bit easier but problems in life are too many to handle and one has to be strong enough to live up to them. It goes on with all the twists and turns being the spices of the dish called life....

This is complete fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life. If the same matches your life, it may be a coincident :)


  1. heyy congrats that the loan was passed :) u were really tensed abt it na: see- acche logon ke saath kabhi bura nahi hota =)

  2. Yups...every story must have a happy ending..if it doesn't then "Picture abhi baki hai mere dost"


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