Saturday, November 21, 2009

Different Saturday!!!!!!

Saturday had always been same for me however this one was completely different.

I don't know but when I woke up and saw one incoming call on my cellfone from her number. She never called me so I couldn't believe and kept staring at the incoming call list and her number. It was 11:30 am and I was feeling sleepy so I didn't try to notice or call her because I missed her call however I kept trying to figure it out who actually attended this call becaus my Bro was not at home. Then I thought to call her, who else could tell me better if she had called me or not. On the top of that I couldn't recall if I talked to her or not (sometimes I curse my memory).

I was afraid if I had told her something what she might not like. At the same time there were thousand things running across my mind.

Finally I (the strong side of mine) dialled her number and clicked on the red button on the cellphone before ring. I tried couple of times and did the same thing unless my strong side manage to win my weak side and here's the voice for which I can do anything; "hello, hello.........!!!" I don't know but I kept mum, lost into her voice so much that my mind was blank with only one picture in my mind and that was hers. I suddenly tried to regain my consiousness and answer the call; 'hey, how are you doing...I guess you callled me and I was what are you doing' (shut up Hemant..don't ask to many questions at one time, I said to myself). And she again spoke in her sweet voice; "Yup, I called you but you were too busy sleeping so I hung up".

I tried to convince and gave assurance to myself that she was right and I didn't say anything else to her (I was still doubtfull, as I had this habbit to speak anything while I am assleep and it actually happened once when one of my fried called me and talked to me for an hour when I was sleeping).

She said again; "where are you now, are you still sleepy?" I woke up and realized that she was on phone and I was thinking, but I still managed to reply; "I was wondering if we can meet today or tomorrow". (Oh my god!!!! did I actually say that???I can't believe it). Than there was a long silence, seems all the traffic in my street had been asked to stop and that further increased my tension and blood in my veins started flowing faster than usual. Fan stopped to make sound and suddenly there was a voice breaking this sound..offcourse it was hers; "Why do you want to meet, we hardly talk twice or thrice a week and now this meeting thing..are you allright Hemant!!! you know my family would never allow me to meet a guy alone and I never did this in my life." It was a sudden shock for me and I started feeling like a guy in Afganistan who asked a girl to meet him and why the hell I always like girls whose parents want them to get married and produce children (I read this in Kite runner by Khalid Hussaini). I tried my best to think of a response and said; "I just wanted to see you..its been long time".

I actually said that without any second thoughts in my mind I wondered how I could be so bold to say all these things. I patted on the strong side of mine and ball was in her court and I really hate this game of passing balls to each other's court and wait for the response.

"Thak Thak Thak....Doorbell ring...tingtong..tingtong". And I woke up cursing myself that it was all dream...what if Saurabh would have come a bit later and she could say something after my daring answer to her strange question. (doorbell kept ringing...)What if all this would have happened in real and she would be ready to meet me this evening. (doorbell kept ringing...)What if..What if... and I opened the door with this 'What if' in my mind and this grew my belief stronger that my Bro is a real brat who always come at the wrong time and never come when I am dreaming something really bad or scary. I gave him a weird look which he did not understand and I rolled myself in the blanket again with a hope to see the same dream.

I wish if there would have been a rewind or repeat button to repeat the dreams. I started cursing all the scientist in the world if they could have done something in this field as well, after all this was necessary for me and they always say, "Necessity is the mother of invention". And I wonder why not in my case?

See you guys and I shall complete this episode of today very soon as I have other plans for today evening.

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