Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stress!!!! Try this.....

Going through stress is quite difficult. Stress also invokes anger, and we end up getting angry on people unnecessarily. Everyone has his own way to deal with it, and here are few ways which always work for me. 

No no no…….I am not going to suggest meditation. 
I am also not going to suggest you Yoga or Power Yoga.
No Aerobic sessions.
No boozing (famous among today's generation)

Below is my way!!!!
Whenever it seemed that the world
is sitting on your shoulder,
The time has come
to play your favorite number.
Enjoy your solitude by going for a walk,
On your way, call an old friend
and have a light talk.
Sit below the old banyan tree
and feel your breathing,
The best medicine for Stress
is having an ice cream.
Open the old album
And watch yourself  teen,
Forget your tummy for sometime
Remember the days when
people used to call you thin and lean.
Take a blank sheet and
try drawing your old college dean.
Keep doing all this,
Until you find yourself giggling
with the face like Mr. Bean.

Nothing remains permanent,
this rule applies to stress as well
It's all about how long you take
to ring the happiness bell!!!

With love,


  1. Wow.. I was smiling wider n wider as I read ur post. Very true!

  2. Thank you Jo..I am happy that you liked it :)

  3. आपका तरीका भी अच्छा लगा ...

  4. ice cream one is superb..i love icecream..:)

  5. Thank you Ruchi...for paying a visit :D

  6. good tips wow hemant! :)
    opening up with lovely advice :)

  7. loved it made things so simple for ur readers here...i am sure you are one who must not be feeling stress ever....:)

    1st time here and enjoyed this read, following you now...:)

  8. Amazing read. Simple things which would make all the difference for us! :-)

  9. postingan yang bagus tentang"Stress!!!! Try this....."

  10. Well said... wonderfully expressed, the recipe to de-stress.


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