Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the cost of Consumer Behavior exam....;)

It's 5:33 pm and I have my Consumer Behavior exam at 7 pm, still I managed some time to write, that's what the quality of manager is. One of my friend Himanshu used to say, "Jo log mng me jaldi uthte hain vo darte hai ki kahin jindgi ki daud me peeche na reh jayen, aur hume dekho hum der se uthne k baad me jaldi uthne valo ko peechhe chhodne me yakin rakhte hain". Very true Himanshu, and your philosphy helped me writing blog at inappropriate time.

So here's the good news guys. When you love someone, even the voice of her sounds like music, you completely forget what to talk and prefer listening to the laughter, feeling the smile and visualizing what other person might be doing at that time.

After yesterday, I was not feeling very great today however I was normal but not happy. This feeling took my fingers to my cellphone and dialled her number(my fingers are stronger than my heart). By the way I talked to her for 9 mins 40 secs. See how precisely I have mentioned the time. All these things automatically becomes important when you feel that way. During these 9:40 Mins, she laughed, she giggled and sometimes she did smile and I kept wishing if I could be in front of her to see her reaction. I tried my best to be humorous and I guess I succeeded. And at last here are the lines:

She was laughing while talking to me on her cell phone,
I wish if I could feel her breathe if I would have been her earphone;
I kept trying hard to be humorous at the same time maintained my tone,
At last when we had nothing to say we kept mum and lone;
My memory will keep an entry for this conversation in a special zone.

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