Friday, October 2, 2009

Happiest day in my life..continued

Then there was some discussion about love and marriage. Rohan was asking for an explanation for these two. I didn’t leave this chance to express my feelings and said, “When we love someone we should not use our mind and look for explanation if we should love that girl or not depending upon various factors like cast, language etc, otherwise it can not be love. Love needs to be unconditional otherwise its not love." And someone just broke out in tears after listening to my words. I really had no idea what was the reason but she did broke out in tears.

I tried to console her but was unable to think of the big “WHY” behind her tears. Without thinking too much I just escaped her eyes to wipe out a single drop behind my specs. I don’t know why it came out and she noticed me wiping out that tear.

Now I again got a chance to express my feelings as everybody was asked to sing a song and without thinking too much I sang “Mera tujhse hai pehle ka nata….”. Now it was her chance and she sang, “Ajeeb dastan hai ye..”. Now I was feeling her vibes and she was staring at me in a very strange manner and I couldn’t look into her eyes at that time. I started shivering at 3 noon. And I just was recalling that Hindi bollywood song “sardi me paseena..”...kya aisa sahi me hota hai??

Whatever it was a great feeling and I am considering that 20% my proposal is already accepted.
Guys!!!!!!!!!pray for me and wait and watch more….

Thanks for reading my Blog..

This is complete fiction and not to be compared with anyone's life. If the same matches your life, it may be a coincident :)

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