Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jon Snow - Everyone's favorite [A to Z Challenge]

Don’t go by his weight or look
he looks like
Any other normal northerner
with as usual extraordinary zeal
Sharpest of all the Starks put together
Still considers himself as if
He is not really a big deal!!

From being a Bastard of Winterfell
to 998th Lord Commander of the Night’sWatch
Jon Snow’s love for those
who are weak and innocent
Makes him a star but helps him
with more enemies than friends
His dream to get wildlings on his side
to fight white walkers
Seems less real and more surreal

Three brave men
From the same clan
With same values and valour
become victim of similar betrayal
Game of thrones gives us a simple lesson
Honor without life
Is as good as an empty Caisson!!

PS: Jon Snow is one of the most lovable characters from Game Of Thrones, it was a shock for his fans to see him die at the end of Season 5; however season 6 promo gave a clue that he would be back sooner or later. How did you feel about Jon Snow being stabbed by his Watch brothers? I was terrified!!

My love for Game of Thrones continues, tagging few more bloggers from A to Z Challenge.


  1. Yes...saddened to lose John Snow...thanks for this and the tag!

    1. I share the same feeling southernmother, thanks for reading!!


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