Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tyrion Lannister ~ The underdog of Game Of Thrones [A to Z Challenge]

From Winterfell to Eyrie
and Eyrie to Lannisters’ camp
He always knew what it takes to survive
From Cersie’s hatred
To his father’s politics
He negotiated with life and came back revived

Living up to the words of the Spider
This little man has already
casted a very large shadow
Dwarf by height
Giant by wits
Halfman has given many a blow

Sometimes he inspires
at times he whines
Game of thrones seems incomplete
Without Tyrion's witty lines
While Old Gods and New Gods are busy confusing you
Here we have the God of Ti#s and wine!!

PS: How do you feel about Tyrion's character? For me, it's my all time favorite of all the characters after Jon Snow, isn't it difficult not to like Tyrion's role?

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