Friday, April 8, 2016

E for ~ Eddard Stark: the Warden of North (A to Z Challenge)

It requires diplomatic wisdom to survive
Your friends become enemies
And enemies become friend
The amount of Power & Gold would wisely decide!!

Great soldiers, often lack diplomacy
With desire to be fair and just to everyone
Capital didn’t deserve him
For what a wonderful man Eddard Stark was!!

A great friend, but a terrible politician
Bravest of braves, though a poor visionary
Did he deserve the death he was offered?
Honesty dies, cruelty & politics thrive
Game of thrones is real cruel in that sense!!

A ruler who hides behind paid executioners
soon forgets what death is, words from the Lord of Winterfell
At the end, was given an unhonourable death
A man of his word, and a great ruler Ned Stark
was everything but a politician!!

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