Monday, April 11, 2016

F ~ Fire & Blood Song - Game of Thrones Season 1/Episode 10

He lived with glory
Lord of Winterfell deserved a better death
Last moments into his life
And He’d save his daughter
That’s glorious indeed isn’t it?

The cruel little boy
Can someone really call him a King?
Joffrey proves to be true son of his mother Cercei
He forces Sansa to see her father’s head up on the walls
And promises next would be Rob’s head he would gladly bring!!

While Rob Stark and her mother mourn Eddard’s death
Sun decides to rise from the North this time
The King in the North, his bannermen declare
Worried and wise Tywin has no option but to retreat for now
And orders Tyrion to head south and act as Hand of the King!!

 Sad & raged Jon Snow decides to leave Night’s watch
His genuine fury blinded him for a while
Until Grenn, Pypar and Samwell reminds him of his oath
Words from Lord Commander Jeor Mormont renews his interest in the cause
He commits himself truly to Night’s watch!!

Daenerys' misfortune continues, her son and her husband Drogo
Both die, but a new dawn awaits her
When she walked into Drogo’s funeral pyre
Everyone had doubt if she would be burnt or return alive
Fire couldn’t hurt her a bit, mother of dragons she is

Sitting calmly with 3 dragons, in still smoldering embers
Such an incredible sight!!

PS: Thank you to A-to-Z challenge for bringing the spark back to this page. This poem summarize events of 'Fire & Blood' final episode of first season of Game of Thrones; links would help you to understand it better if you haven't seen it yet. Tagged few more bloggers this time from A to Z challenge.

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