Wednesday, October 14, 2009

13 Oct 2009...when my brother asked me to write something at deep level..

It was 9:30 pm, we came back from dinner and I simply lie down on my bed after changing. I started writing something and Saurabh asked me to write something deep. He inspired me that I could write something more sensible so I simply started from what was visible around me and believe me, this poem is going to make you think when you complete reading conclusion part of the poem:

Lying on my bed, I can see the ceiling,
How can it be so still?
Books are in front of Saurabh, my brother,
Why is he busy playing with his mobile?

My MBA books are a few inches away,
Why can’t I study and do something productive?

The watch is making clicking sound every after few seconds,
Why can’t it stop for a few seconds?

My music player is helping the environment to be musical,
And I know it will stop in some time.

I can see the half moon through the window,
I know it will disappear in couple of hours.

My Icard is hanging on the window and moving like a pendulum
As the wind blows, And I know it will stop if wind stops.

The world around us is the combination of certain and Uncertain,
Certain is so obvious and does not excite, On the other hand uncertain keeps us in mystery and is the source of motivation.

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