Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The concept of Free World

Thanks to Sowmya for motivating me to write a post on this topic Free(With reference to independence day). I had been googling the whole day to prepare a background with no success. And finally I took a decision to write about the concept of a "Free World"........

Everyone seems to be talking about a free Nation, free State and free City etc. I have this imagination (you can also term it as my fantasy) of a "Free World", wherein an Indian can be a neighbor of a Pakistani national in a street of New Delhi. Did you just notice that I made a mistake in the last line!!! There's no Indian, Pakistani or Australian National and people will belong to only one nation called "World".

Imagine a world without war and no Visa or Green Card!!!
Imagine a world with no boundaries, one currency and one government!!!

What if the whole world starts executing "Free Trade". If it would have been so, there would be no poor country. There would not be any comparison because everyone will be using the same currency. One will have access to what one wants. The world will become small and beautiful. 

But the question is: "Are we ready to accept such world"!!!!

The answer is a definite "No" if we look at the current circumstances. The last depression gave birth to World War I and the next question arises: "Will next depression give birth to World War III?". Can we expect such an ideal situation in such circumstances!!!!

I know the concept of a "Free World" is a myth which is possible only in an ideal mature society. And then we have to look at what Gautama Buddha said: "When society(people) matures, there would be no need for the society (restrictions, boundaries and rules)."

Gautam Buddha said this in 555 BCE and after so many centuries, we are still far away from that ideal stage of mature society. The literacy rate is increasing day by day but did we ask a question if we are educated enough to reach that stage!!!!!!

Well, now if you have finished reading....do drop your thoughts on this before you click on 'cross' mark on right hand top corner of your computer screen. 

Note: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent any body or organization by any chance. Enjoy reading and drop your views. 
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  1. Free world is not a possibility as you said...It would be better if we free ourselves from the negative thoughts. Nice post and I like your innovative way to tell us to comment...:)

  2. Great post. The free world is not yet a possibility, but I do hope I live to see it become one.

  3. wow...beautiful concept hemant!

    its all about "unity is strength"- but every one like to say it.. in reality none wants to follow it :)
    very true very nice post...you might have clinched it...if posted in time :) better luck next time
    keep smiling always :)

  4. Great Post Dear!
    You Write Really Well And Am Happy That I Know Your Blog.
    @Saru - The Day All Of Us Free Ourselves From Negative Thoughts, That Day The Boundaries Would Themselves Fall. That Would Be A Free World.
    @JojoFeelings - Let's Just Stop Daydreaming. What Has Been Destroyed Over Ages Will Not Heal So Soon.
    @Sowmaya - Think About This, Are We As People Ready To Even Accept Anyone Wanting To Practically Work These Ideas? We All Are The Same In This Sense.

    1. Thats true Mr/Ms Anonymous.
      when we are not ready to share our identity while sharing our views,how come its possible practically to accept it.

  5. Interesting. Being free, as a concept, probably means different things to different people.

  6. Hey Hemant Your thoughts are so pure and seem very genuine.. some how it reminds me of a poem by Robert Frost - "Mending Wall"

  7. @Anonymous: Thank you so much for dropping by. And I am happy that u like this blog. Keep coming..and drop your views. Hope is the best ingredient I think and that's what Jojo wanted to say.
    @SG: I agree to what u said....interpretation of freedom cud be different for different ppl.
    @KP: Thank you for coming here...I must read that poem I guess :)

  8. an awesome point of view which we miss out while we all keep harping about freedom!

  9. Interesting write up- free world is one dictionary concept like u said. njoyed reading

  10. Hemanth,

    Thank You very much for visiting my Blog today. I am newcomer and this was my first post. Your vote came in few seconds after I posted. gr8.

  11. Hey Supriya...you got the vote because u deserve it..

    All the best and welcome to Indiblogger. I am an email away....hemantarora44@gmail.com

    Keep blogging.


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