Friday, August 26, 2011

Innovation is back...Welcome to the blogging world....

Welcome to the blogging world,

strung in simple words,
I vouch u will like it the most,

Welcome to the blogging world....
Welcome to the blogging world....

The birth of this poem:  
I was going through different blogs one day when I observed that everyone uses a title to define one's blog. I found these titles so attractive that I decided to arrange them and give it a form of poem with a meaning. Thanks to all the bloggers, who have made it possible for me to come up with such piece.

Each line will take you to the blog from where it is picked. Please email me @ if any one of you have an objection for me picking up the line from your blog, so that I shall remove the same.

Thanks Again.....
With love,


  1. This is a new cool way of tagging fellow bloggers!
    Thank you so very much, feels great :)

    Love, Risha :)

  2. :D thanks rock...what a concept :) please patent asap :))))

  3. Cool idea. You have nicely arranged the titles to form a poem. :D

  4. Great endeavor, unique and lovely:)

  5. @Risha: Pleasure is all mine...title is yours..and I shall say thank you :)

    @India's no 1 Blog: Welcome to the little world of mine.....Could you please explain the procedure to patent this am glad that you liked it.

    @Neha: Its gr88 to have you here.

    @Saru Ma'am: Thank you for dropping by :)

  6. Wow.. that is interesting and too good.. nice thought!!

  7. day by day reaching height of innovation :)
    wow! this is great indeed!

  8. awwwwwww you are so kind hemant :)
    for a moment, i was wondering why is someone saying the blunt blog, that's me :) then i read the whole story and it made sense xx

  9. Wow... wonderful post.
    Loved it.

  10. @Sowmya: Thank you smiling beauty!!!
    @Chintan: Its my have your link here...
    @Jojo: Thanks to reviewed it first :)
    @Realms of Fantasy: Hey welcome to the blog...M glad you liked it....

  11. awesome idea Hemant. It must have been hard to make something meaningful from the randomness.

    Kudos, and keep it up!

  12. Well well thought out thoughts. Keep it up. I love the beautiful thoughts written about.

  13. Wow Hemant! How clever of you to figure out such a cohesive rhyme from random titles. When I first read it it just felt so natural. You have an uncanny ability to weave words. I think we should spread it like the 7 links that was going on in health fitness blogs. I'll try to do mine with blogs I like tagging different people

  14. @Magiceye: M glad that u liked it.
    @Coolant: Thank you for dropping by....your paycheque is priceless.
    @Anna: Thank you :)
    @Dial Doctors: Welcome to my blog..I am happy that you loved it..and I would rather call myself smart than 'clever'

  15. Mann!! *Applause* for your creativity ;) :)

  16. my...i am seeing this only now...this is creative indeed....& thanks for the tag :)
    must say so many titles fit so beautifully together...nice work Hemant

  17. @Sujatha: thanks for the lovely paycheque... Nothing makes a blogger happier than people walking on his blog and posting comments...

  18. Here's a blog award for you :)

  19. Thank you thank you thank you.....


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