Friday, April 3, 2015

C for ~ Candle, canvas, camera & coach (A-to-Z challenge series)

I lighten people & places
Used for sophisticated decoration
Lately a source of fragrance too
I have to burn myself to do my job
I am Candle!!!

As thin as rake, though not as strong
My power multiplies if mixed with a bunch of colors
A platform where people brush their creativity
The outcome fetches a fortune with no scope of credit to me
I am the Canvas!!!

History isn't complete without me
You wouldn't know many things if I was not around
I can capture what’s happening from Sun to Moon
never craved for recognition
of such achievements
I am the Camera!!!

I was the man working behind the scene
day & night, when England finally won world cup
after 26 years of continuous efforts
Worked very hard when India finally got what she deserved
Through what they called Dhoni’s army in 2011
I am the coach!!!

Be a candle if you are an activist
And canvas if you are a politician
Act like camera if you are a scientist
And be a coach if you are a teacher!!!!

PS: Are you one of them, and how do you relate if it is so?

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