Saturday, April 4, 2015

D for Dimple on his cheeks (A to Z challenge series)

I don't know if you can call it a guest post if it's written by your own wife. There are chances of misinterpretation that she may ask why you are considering her as guest.....but anyways. This is the first guest post on my blog by my lovely wife Garima Talwar

Dimple on his cheeks
make me go mad & weak
His beautiful sight
Like the bright sunlight
that shining smile
I wish he could be mine

The moment I saw him first time
he looks like a natural rhyme
When he looked into my eyes
I skipped my beat in that sight

Words were short 
I wish I could say a lot
I was into deep thoughts
When I realized, red handed I was caught

Was it chemistry or physics
I asked him out & took the risk
It proved to be the most beautiful day of my life
It's April 2015 now & I am his lovely wife!!!!


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