Monday, February 14, 2011

Dedicated to the girl of my life......

My feelings were as usual when I saw you first time,
I never thought in my wildest dream of you being mine;
You were stepping out of your room, with water drops falling from your tresses,
It was the smell of yours trying to give me a message;
I couldn’t think much but went to my room,
Your image still around my mind with a sound boom boom……

Then we started talking and exchanging few thoughts,
We became good friends, touchwood I started admiring you a lot;
You are so simple, lovely, adorable and truthful,
I almost became a fan of yours without realizing where I was heading to;
We talked, we laughed, and we giggled together,
Sometimes distance does not create a barrier but works like a cap with a feather;

It’s always a nice feeling talking to you,
Suddenly I started realizing that I can be myself when I am with you;
I wish if we get chance to meet more often,
May god kill all your fears and give you more strength;
I still feel that we can be great friends without any strife,
Would you mind being with me for the rest of your life?
You have my whole life to think and take your decision;
My feelings for you won’t change, even if you give me millions of reasons…..

These notes are dedicated to the girl of my life….
We know very well that we both can make wonderful soul mates……without any strife…


  1. Now this is breaking news :)
    the poem is great but ladki kaun hain kaha hain - give me the goss :)

  2. aahhmmm ahhmmmm......this seems to be a too public place to disclose such things ;)


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