Monday, July 4, 2011

Ma'am!!!! you got the wrong hand here.....

It was a perfect Sunday dated July 3, 2011. It's been over a month I did not get chance to spend a Sunday at home. My mom wanted me to stay @ home for the whole day and my Brother wanted me to go for a movie with him. I decided to surrender and preferred staying @ home for the whole day. 

At the same time I also booked two tickets for Transformer 3 from Every-time I use these things, I think our genre to be fortunate enough to have access to such an advance technology. The day went by with 100miles/hour speed without realization. I went to market with mom to buy vegetables. Also paid a visit to D-Mart in Kalyani Nagar to purchase Grocery items for home. Forgot to mention....that I had also been given a responsibility to clean one of our rooms and I finished cleaning before 12:00 PM.

The best thing is when we went to Fun & Shop Multiplex, Fatima Nagar in night. The showtime was 10:15 PM and we decided to kill our time by enjoying the greenery  inside the Multiplex. Now THE moment came...when a couple was walking right in front of me with hands in hands. I was walking alone as my brother had not yet reached the multiplex. Suddenly my devil mind started imagining some pictures. I saw girl's boyfriend letting his hands off and walking towards something (May be he wanted to attend one call..i don't remember). I overtook the girl and was dancing in my own music. A girl came from behind and started walking holding my hands in her hands. We might have walked couple of steps and than I said, "Ma'am!!!! you got the wrong hand here....." I purposely walked a few steps to reach a group of people and than uttered these words. 

Everyone around started laughing and this girl kept apologizing, which added some more flavor to her existing embarrassment. I looked around with a killing smile and headed my way towards Theater # 3. Transporter # 3 :)


  1. 1) I loved the look of your blog. Very pleasing.
    2) There is an intelligent devil in you.
    3) Poor girl must be embarrassed to the core

    Funny.. You must be a free bird at heart to get such thoughts.. :D

  2. Hey Thank you..and you got it right....Free Bird I am!!!!

  3. wow! got nice chance again... hehehe! :P

    nice to read this fun...

  4. Really the good one......I dont understand how u get these many chances

  5. Thank you Sowmya....just did not understand the word 'again' !!!!!

    Hey thanks Disha..
    And u need not understand how I get these chances ;)

  6. hehehe that was awesome! Poor girl must have been the worst situation in her life( unless she was a serial offender :P)



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