Thursday, July 21, 2011

The idea of a perfect date......

Everyone has his/her own idea of perfect date. I never gave this a thought, until I went through this POST. And then I realized that I too can have some super romantic ideas of a perfect date. After commenting on the post I thought to give it a form of post on my blog as well. 

Here I go with my idea of perfect of them requires you to step outside and another one shoes u a picture of few of homedates ;) 

--Sitting and watching her endlessly....
--Singing her a song......
--Cooking her favourite dish without letting her enter kitchen......
--Watching her while she is watching television....
--Looking into her eyes and trying to measure how deep   they are....
--Watching her sleeping....omg...she looks so awesome..
--Spending the night on the roof..under the natural dim-light of moon....stars above the head..
--Spending whole day at home and being available to each other mentally, physically and emotionally.....
--A candle light dinner at home....possibly at the rooftop...

--Sitting on the riverbank with my head on her lap......
--Watching the City Paris from Effile Tower.....
--Boating together with a view of sunset in the background.....
--Watching the sunrise together on a beach.....
--Do the titanic ACT on a cruise....
--Spending the night at a campfire with only the two of us around.....

So so so....if you have dropped by here and ended up reading the complete mention your idea of perfect will make this post far richer than what it is :)
Thanks for reading me....your comments are my paycheques....


  1. Hmmm... Umm... my idea of a perfect date is incorporated in your post as the link.......
    u r super sweet to have mentioned it.

    lovely post...... and oh gosh, u r really very romantic...

  2. Hi, Have Been Reading Your Blog For Many Days now. You Write Extremely Well.
    This Post Is Fantabulous. Loved The Romantic Guy In You.

    Keep Writing.

  3. Driving on the hills and sitting on top most hill top and seeing the valley, which I did in Barog...

  4. @Jahnvi: This post is the son of your link to ur post had to be there.....thanks for visiting...

    @Anonymous: Its nice to see someone following my blog...m speechless....thank you

    @Saru: Thanks for dropping by :) :) Barog looks beautiful....saw few snaps on google

  5. It can be anywhere really, all we need is that special someone, the place and other things don't really matter!! :)

    Btw, Very sweetly written !

  6. prefect date:

    "each day becomes a perfect date;
    if the couple did not hate;
    its their manners that rates;
    if not it becomes fate!;
    i can write it on any slate;
    its about how each other take;
    date fails when love is fake!
    wins with the sacrifice they make!
    though my comment is late..
    this is what i came to state"

    keep smiling always:)

  7. oh my gosh!! its super sweet n romantic!! its so awesome!!! :)

  8. Thank you Risha & Niya.....nice to have ur comments here on my blog :)
    @Sowmya: A litte late but u came back with a big poured your heart with just 10 lines...

  9. My Perfect would be anywhere as long as he's with me :)
    BTW I really liked the post. Damn sweet :)

  10. Perfect date..
    The one at the beach in the evening.. watching the sunset.. holding hands, playing with his fingers.. secretly looking at him by my side and realizing he is already looking at me.. his touch at my back.. his fingers tucking my hair behind my ears.. the winks, the smiles, the touch.
    Perfect !:)
    nice post there:)

  11. Thank you for dropping by :)
    @Priyanka: You gave quite beautiful ideas :)

  12. Hehe..lovely cute..:)

    I hope your date will be just like the way you want it :)

  13. wow!!
    the girl is lucky..
    whoever she is..
    good luck..

    :) :)

  14. Hey Valli & Anjaani- Thank you for having you here...

  15. Well,it seems like perfect idea, Awesome

  16. Thanks Nicky...nice to have you on this page...


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