Sunday, July 31, 2011

My First Award!!!!

The time has come to fulfill the promise after receiving the award. Though, it's a little late and I am too 'besharm' to accept this fact, but better to be late than never.

- Can you still recall the tip-tip of the first rainy season after you fell in love!!!
- Do you still remember how happy you were after seeing you getting through class 10th!!!
- Can you recall the butterflies in your stomach when you said "I Love You" first time!!!
- And the last can you forget your 'pehla pehla pyaar'!!!

Similarly, this award reserves a special place in my heart. Beeni  gave me this first award on her blog. 

So here I go with the rules:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you: Already done.

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself :

Here I go with mine:

>> I am known as very unpredictable in my group

>> I trouble my brother by not giving him newspaper...reason: I don't like to read one separate page...I need the full paper at one time

>> I don't like reading soft copies of novels/books. I love the smell of books and read only hard copy

>> I love to explore new places, new things....this one brings back the curiousity of a kid in life

>> I am a 'dream duing the day' kind of person

>> I clean utensils at home every morning

>> I cook bed tea for mummy if I have an office. Mum does it for me on saturday and sundays

>> I was a salesman (sold biscuits) from the time I was in Class 10th till the time I reached BSC 2nd year

(I didn't number them so that you can count if these are 7 or not....)

3. Answer the following questions:

Name your favorite song: This has to be a hindi song. I have too many in my mind but the one I would love to listen at any given time would be title song of "Kal Ho Na Ho". I love the rhythm and lyrics are too good.

Name your favorite dessert: Ice cream with garam garam gazar ka halwa

What is pissing you off: When people start boasting about themselves

Your favorite pet: I don't like pets

Your biggest fear: When people start expecting too much from me

My best feature is: my smile

Everyday attitude: Karm karo aur fal ki ichha mat karo (Do your work and don't expect results)

What is perfection:
Is there anything called perfect!!! I doubt...

Guilty pleasure: Chicken with Beer

4. And the best one is here.....Award 15 blogs:

3 - Abhilash @ ReaD iT OuT FasT

4 - Narinder Singh - Before memory fades

5 - Sushma @ Aahuti

6. Janhvi @ Thoughtful Thoughts

7. Saru @ Words

8. Sawan @ Colors

9. Sahana @ Ahamkaara

10.Seema's art corner

11.Sanjeetha @ Young Turk

I can think of these many right now....will post more as and when I come across.

Thank you for reading me....and don't forget to re-post if you have accepted the award :)

With love,


  1. Good to see that you admire people open-heartedly :):)

  2. thank you so much hemant for the award :)
    it is really nice to read about our fellow bloggers and I enjoyed every line of this post:)

  3. Oh Wow. Thanks a lot.... I am just overwhelmed to see your selfless attitude of awarding me.. i m so happy to see my name in your blog. thanks a lot buddy.

  4. hemant!

    i dont know how to react when i saw my name in the first list...hehehe happy & thanks is not the word that will compensate this award :)

    may god bless you!
    keep smiling always :)

  5. Thanks to all who accepted the award....

    All of you deserve what you have got :)

  6. I just received my First Award and coincidentally read this sweet post, I'm gonna write all of that, It's interesting and so damn adorable. :)

  7. @Risha; It is actually interesting and is also the source of motivation for other bloggers.....

    Awaiting your article on that!!!!

  8. Thanks for the award Hemant :)
    and good to know more about you :)

  9. Thank you so much for the award Hemant


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