Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G For Garima - My Life..my wife!!

Though I consider myself lucky
Life was never so kind to me
Always traveled a road that was rusty
Until the moment came & I found thee

Unsettled, yet amazing
Always appear to be blazing
Can do nothing but gazing
Such a gracing you are!!

A lot of love
And a little fight
A lot of happiness
With a pinch of strife
When things go wrong
The answer is - a Hug tight
Such a chemistry we are!!

A commitment of love
An excitement never dying
A story ‘in-progress’
Two of us going to write
You are the wind
If I am a kite
Such a symphony we are!!

The song of love
Was never so right
The sky of life
Was never so bright
Admiring the dawn
Forgetting twilight
Such a bonding we are!!
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  1. Cool, lucky you. Well, Garima is the name of my daughter and she is only one and half year old now :)

    1. And I wouldn't say that My Garima is more beautiful than your Garima (recalling silly Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai) :p


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