Tuesday, April 22, 2014

R - Reaction vs Response!!

The 'R' post (with reference to A-to-Z challenge) is coming late this time. I would have written a Poem or a Haiku and that's what suits my style; but today I am sharing this post based on a real conversation with one of the greatest friends of mine. Let's call him a special friend; I don't want to term him Aaptard though he sounded like one. I came across this new term recently as an outcome of Indian General Election 2014. Its been discussed a lot during social media interactions but alas; I experienced the real meaning of this term after having a conversation with my special Friend.

Without making any changes; I am sharing the actual snapshot of our conversation over an FB status, posted by my special friend. He shared one of the newspaper links talking about Praveen Togadia's latest hate speech; which Praveen Togadia responded with a legal notice to all the newspapers. I curiously tried searching this specific hate speech but failed; and told my friend to go through the legal notice. 

Below are original snapshots from our conversation - 

Outcome: Surprisingly my special friend deleted my original comments only to leave me with strange feelings. He didn't stop there and astonished me by removing his original post and un-friending me from his friend-list. Alas...did I just lose a precious friendship because of reaction from my friend!! What do you think would have been the situation if he had responded (not reacted) to my thoughts rather than being prejudice and implying his perception!!!

PS: I don't support Togadia...He has been controversial all the time; neither I support anyone who dares to shake the foundation of harmony of Indian Society by making hate speeches. 

PPS: I cannot hate or un-friend someone for a difference in ideology. 


  1. Hemant, I believe this is a country of free speech. In the above post, neither one of you are correct/wrong. I believe I know who this "special friend" of your's is, and I wonder, why such "war of words" should cause a very good friendship to shatter. You both are mature adults who need to share/post/discuss your ideology, and accept/respect the other person's too.

    Social media is definitely proving to be a boon for some, or a curse for some where friendships are broken at the cost of each other's point of view.

    God bless you both!

    1. And I appreciate you for such an unbiased opinion you shared above. It only makes me sad for what has happened!!

  2. You really think people like these will make good friends, Hemant?

    It's astonishing how AAP has made educated rational people illogical. All they do is vilify others and claim that they are being made scapegoats.

    And right after the Togadia incident, the infamous Shazia Ilmi from AAP followed up with something of her own ;)

  3. AAP is following a pattern which worked in Delhi but is not working for India as a while...and yea..its sad to say how come so many rational people keeps justifying AAP's doing....

    Thanks for dropping!!


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