Monday, November 1, 2010

Few of my creations.....

Everyone is playing a Protagonist of his life...we think that different things are happening around us and because of us....but the truth is that we are happening around different things and our existence will be null and void without things....

Human Life is like a nuclear fall in love, break up; fall in love (2nd time) break up and then fall in love again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today someone asked my why we write something on face book news feed...I answered that "Writing something on face book is just a feelgood factor.....isn't it!!!!

The BAD is the new GOOD these days :)

It takes another gal to forget one;-)

May dis dessehra inspires us killing d Ravana in ourselves and make this world more beautiful:-)

I made two important decisions of my life during our being the best and other being the worst.....The worst decision was that I started liking you...the best decision was that I always stopped myself from proposing you.....and now I am a happy man :)

Make sure you see whether there's wooden thing near you before you say "Touch-wood" never know ;)

Life's like an aeroplane.....with no starting and ending point....God being a pilot takes you you don't have to control life....just keep flying :)

Coincident happens only when you expect them the least....that's the main difference between the reel life and real life :)

He thought that he would enjoy when he will grow up...After growing up he looks back and wish to enjoy if he were a kid :(

And then she never replied, his eyes kept staring at celfone, waiting for a beep; every passing minute was contributing towards reduced hope.....and she never replied!!!!

One more day ended..with smile on my face; i found myself as a happy man..not being part of any race; i m not one of those horses who runs on racecourse.... I m a LION...ppl start hiding when they hear me roar...

I got into a cab, asked driver to play head started moving with the beats of song...after 5 minutes I realized that the song is in Tamil language....OMG....I am in Chennai...someone has rightly quoted... "Music has no language"

Life shows us too many stages.....and sometimes one specific stage could be an antonym of the other.........

A tag line for Company: "We don't see success as an outcome....its a part of our processes" @copyright Hemant Arora

Vo kehte hain ki daru lazeez nahin....humne bola dost, lazeez to bahut hai par akele peene wali cheez nahin...

Did you just realize that everything that you think does not make sense is actually the most sensible one :)

Acceptance is the gateway to peace....

Office is the place where life lives you.....Once u step out U live ur life ;)

Don't run.... its not a 100 meter race... walk with patience... you will get what u deserve.

I am raising a service request with GOD's request fulfillment function to have "Shift+Delete" key in the keyboard of our life....let's see if he can manage the balance between cost and customer satisfaction ;)

Today one of my frnd said: 'Life Sucks'; I replied: 'suck d life before it sucks u'

Let the flowerpot of life remains empty if u don't get a flower......there's no need to compromise and put thorns instead of flowers just for the sake of filling ur life wid somethng......

Do we find things good because we are aware of what is bad!!!!! Imagine the existence of Good without Bad........

Its not always about moving ahead...... Deeper the roots, more prosperous a tree is :)

Every end is a new beginning............ Isn't it!

Famous lovers lines: 'main tumhare liye Jaan de dunga' 'main tumhare liye chaand tare le aaunga' 'main tumhare liye saat samandar tak paar kar sakta hu' ...... Comon all the ashiques of this world.... Why u always have to do some superhero act to get a gal...... life's simple ;) lets make it simpler..

Sometimes its good to go through a confusing phase in life......... U tend to make some of the best choices in this phase...

We can not call every ''not good'' thing as 'bad'.........i wish if i have the control on dictionary....i would have removed all the negative words.......

The time has come when nothing troubles me.......either something good may happen or something less good may happen......something bad can not touch me or can never happen in my life at all....

Our life is not less than an academy award winning movie.....we just need to observe things closely and you will enjoy a lot ;) ...... have you just smiled after a micro observation on your past!!!!!!

Here v go wid d final draft of replacement of an old proverb: 'u have 2 b at d rite place,at d rite time and wid d rite partner...and suddnely u realize tht u r nt a vergin anymore;-) '

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