Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits & Pieces from the life....

Hi Friends,

Would like to start with following lines:

Just got a chance to update my blog after a long time.....
so busy with work that my poems have lost the rhyme....
I just miss the sweet night of valentine together we dined....
I keep missing the beautiful face, smile and the way you shine...

I don’t know why I started writing today, maybe I just want to fill the gap of April month and prove that I still write my Blog with a minimum frequency of once in a month. Whatever, just a few questions hit my mind in past month:
1. Does Law of Attraction actually exist in our personal lives?
2. Have you ever fell in love, broke up; fell in love (2nd time) broke up and then fell in love again?
3. Do you think marriages should come with a return or exchange option?

Does Law of Attraction actually exist in our personal lives?

If you might have read the book called “Secret” or “Law of Attraction”, both these books try to establish the fact of Law of Attraction in our personal lives. ‘Secret’ dictates that by thinking and talking positive, our life moves to the positive direction. Law of Attraction gives examples like meeting with your friend the day you think about him/her. If I look at my life, it did happen to me many times. I think of something and I get it, however our thinking should be rational and not something which is irrelevant to time lines and unrealistic.

My objective of giving a thought to the principles quoted in Secret was to exemplify if Law of Attraction actually works or not and it did work for me. If not all the times but at least 75% of the instances it did work when I thought about it. So guys…..don’t stop yourself from dreaming about something realistic and achievable and you will definitely have it.

Have you ever fell in love, broke up; fell in love (2nd time) broke up and then fell in love again?

Now I am moving towards the second question about love happening twice thrice in one’s life. I have heard lot of people saying that Love happens only once in lifetime and I completely oppose it. I also oppose that you can love only one person at a time. Love can happen anytime and with anyone, at least in my life (examined and proved). And I think it gives the same vibrations the way it does the first time it happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first sight love or one year friendship conversion into love, your eyes still remain on your mobile screen waiting for the special (importance remains same) person’s name to be flashed either with a call or SMS. The excitement does not change and the anxiety remains same if you don’t get reply for merely 30 minutes.

I tried to argue with people boasting about their first love and how they could never love again and I have also seen the same people falling for another girl over a period of time. My surprise reaches the Mount Everest when they still disagree the fact what they experienced personally. My only advice to them is to be more open and acceptable about themselves and their lives. The thing which is said by all the famous and great people may not remain a hard fact. Things keep changing and one has to accept this change.

Do you think marriages should come with a return or exchange option?

Yes….I do agree that marriages must come with an exchange option wherein the person remains the same however the package may change. The tolerance level of new generation will keep decreasing day by day and we will find increasing number of divorces happening in our country. Marriage and family consultants may contribute towards the increased understanding of a few couples and this business will further flourish with big business houses venturing into the same but no one can decrease the number unless this is addressed at the ground level may be at the education level itself when a youngster is stepping into his graduation life. The concept of sex education had been addressed by many states but I have never seen any educationist supporting the concept of Relationship Education.

I hope our government and educational institutions may address the same before it becomes a nightmare like AIDS did in last few decades.

Sometimes I hardly believe that I could write so much and thoughts and ideas keep floating into my mind but time had always been an issue and become a constraints to my only remained creativity of maintaining a blog (with few audience who hardly visit it) and writing poems. Just for your information this blog was visited by 400 odd people in last 6 months and had 88 unique visitors with 50 repeated visits.

Let me also try writing a poem this time:

So many eyes I see everyday….
So many people I meet everyday…..
Still I could never skip those two eyes…..
This realization happened to me one day.

This was a perfect day of summer 2010…..
When the clouds came to defend her from sun….
she says that she never goes out in summer….
I thanked the clouds and we were on run.

She set herself on the backseat of my bike...
She came closer to say things making my heart tide..
I can still feel her touch on my shoulders……..
Her whisper still remains in my ears I wonder.

This was the first time we were seeing each other in private…
I was keen to know lot of things about her and could not afford to be late..
Most of the time we were looking into each other eyes…
We hardly started talking and it was the time to say good bye.

When I dropped her at home, I saw her eyes moist with tears;
I took her beautiful face in my hands and nab her tears…
Those two minutes were the most beautiful in my life…
We bid each other good bye with a moist sigh.


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