Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Humming ~ I will be fine!!!!!

Sometimes, I may be angry
there may be times, I am annoyed
baby, trust me, it's just a phase
it will go by!!!!
Sometimes, I may not talk to you
there may be times, i say good bye
believe me i love u more than me
I will be back!!!!!!!!

Strange questions come to mind
Answers are difficult to find
baby you don't leave me
I will be blind!!!!
I will be blind!!!!

Few conclusions confined
I feel I should resign
I think I shall go back
and be refined!!!!!
and be refined!!!!!

Sometimes, I may be bad
there may be times, I lack fads
baby you don't be sad
I will be fine!!!
I will be fine!!!

And here we go with the song ~ 

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  1. Couldn't listen to the audio as Alok is sleeping by my side. But what a beautiful lyrical number. I totally loved it.

  2. I couldn't help but bring my headphones and it was such a sweet number...Keep it up:)

  3. Thank you saru di!!
    It was so nice hearing from you.....

  4. blessed with good tone & writing :) nice hemant!


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