Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sending my curse!!

Preliminary warning: If you do not like this blog post, you have freedom to walk away and hang around other websites. There's plenty of material available online.

Today, I send my curse:

- To the people responsible for insane Hyderabad Bomb blast happened recently in the twin City.

- To a government who cannot provide a secure environment to its citizen.

- To the protesters for flocking the nation streets for women security/lokpal but ignore the continuous act of a deaf government for not taking appropriate measures for preventing situations like 26/11, 21/2 etc etc.

- To the great men (sometimes referred as son/daughter of god) for writing those thousand pages verses in such a difficult language and making it almost impossible/difficult for common human being to understand the meaning; and making it easiest for con men to spread a misinterpretation of those verses and misguide common people.

- To the intelligence agencies for just sending a note of warning to states every 15/30 days and take no preventive measures to stop the nonsense.

- To the people declaring that “They are safe and home” with a smiley on social networking website after a blast that killed more than 20 innocents.

- To the selfish one residing in each of our heart thinking about I, me and my.

- And finally to myself for the helplessness I feel in my soul of not able to do anything but write a blogpost and express my concern.

Secularism is not something that is found in the books of different countries, but it has to find a place in the heart and soul of each citizen, may be by flowing it into preliminary educational textbooks or any other suitable method.

This gives me a strong feeling that my previous post headline "Where religion stops, wisdom starts" has been proved true time and again. Is 'No religion" Or "Only one religion" can be the solution to world peace!!! I leave it upto my readers to decide.


  1. what kind of religion asks ppl to kill? no1 has to go through this again and again :( when is our govt ever going to realize the concept of security?

    1. Today's world of religion does!!!
      My question is very simple...why Middle east countries aren't facing such trauma....and the answer is a simple one - "They are one religion country"

  2. I was planning to cuss them too in a day or two! Good you beat the iron when its hot.

    Will watch this space more often!

    I also crib and sometimes cuss here

    Thank you

  3. secularism should not be repecting all religion. It should be not considering any religion. Just like an athehist.
    After all people fear from god, do not love god.
    And relegion is made for people not people for religion. Then why blend ourself according to religion.
    And if there is really a god then these thing shouldnt have happened.

  4. There is no religion beyond humanity :( When people understand and realize this, such things don't happen.


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