Thursday, February 21, 2013

My 5 Best post of 2012 and Seed behind them!!!

During my Blog reading session, I came across similar post on someone's blog. Now since I stole the Idea,I felt I should act as a mature blogger to add something creative from my end as well. Here I provide you the list of my best 5 posts (Based on my judgement) of 2012, with the seed behind those thoughts:

1. Where religion stops, wisdom starts!!!!!
This post was written after getting irritated with one of my acquaintances. 60% of the conversation actually happened, and 40% is fiction.

2. And I was overtaken by someONE!!!!!!!
The post is based on my experience with one of the strongest feelings - Jealousy. After writing this post, I implemented what I recommended and I actually regained my position.

3. बरखा का इंतज़ार!!!!
Two thoughts are responsible for this Poem. One being the kind of forecast our Met department was publishing during the first month of rainy season. Second being the zeal to write something similar to what we used to read during our School days.

4. The Dawn...I still await
The search of a unique idea ended up with this poem, telling the tale of a Criminal. You may find it inspiring from typical Hollywood/Bollywood tales :)

5. The song of Misfortune!!
Not very famous, but my favorite of all. This poem explains the sentiments of Kashmir and sings you how difficult it had been for Kashmiri people to go through last two decades with so much of action in the valley.

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