Saturday, December 24, 2011

Facebook status updates....

Are you doing it just for the sake of updating anything even if it is crap!!!!
Or you are doing it because you are getting bored!!!
Are you an attention seeker with no goal in your life!!!!
Or you are just trying to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are still awake and they can call!!!!
Are you insane!!!
Or you are just trying to tell people that you are too sane!!!!

Yes it's a question to you Mr. X or Ms. Y.....I am fed up of seeing your status updates which have no meaning at all.....
This post is dedicated to all the deadliest/ugliest status updates on Facebook. Some of the examples are here:

-good night...........
-good morning....
-hello frnds koi hai... feelin bored  ~ as if we are your timepass material
-Hit the gym after months. Feeling good  ~ thank God...we were so concerned about your six packs
-Happy Rakshabandhan... ~ duniya ka bhai hai ye
-Sleeping..... ~ We can hear you snoring.....

Trust me the guy below kept posting about the countdown and it is still on.....whatever it is but he is doing it religiously.....

-Only 10 days to go...... I am very excited now...
-only 9 days to go... Welcome 2012.....
-Countdown has began now.... only 7 Days to go..........


  1. Truly said.... such people are very irritating at times...

  2. Hemant, they are self proclaimed celebrities. Read this from someone who consider himself 'The Dude of NYC' - Going to watching Don 2.

    People like you and me Cant beat them?

    Grrrrr Good Night;)

  3. haha...great post and rightly said....n i specially hate the gudmrng n gudnite ones

  4. yes good & warm welcome to 2012 :)

  5. Thank you so much ppl for dropping by....I am glad that you liked it..
    @Saru Di: True!!there are plenty of them...I agree.

  6. countdown!!! haha that's funny
    wonder what his status says now. countdown to 2013 maybe

  7. ha ha! rightfully said! in a funny way too! :)


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