Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Indiblogger Pune Rhyme!!!!!


When the like mind people
get a chance to meet
there's a guarantee for
the meeting being sweet,
On the same line
we had organized
Pune Indiblogger meet,
on a Satuday afternoon
We met over a feast.

Initiative was taken by Captain,
then everybody
followed the action,
The best thing was that
there was no schema,
everybody participated
as if everyone was prima.

We started with Introduction
First captain speaks,
Sai followed and
spoke about her wisdom tree,
We heard Hari
Talking about indian history.

Than we heard the sound 'vaah vaah'
After that comes
Psychology master Mr.Sandeep Gautam,
Than comes the versatile blogger
Sriram, indeed made
an interesting speech,
Amit came and told us
How he has become a PHP freak.

Prasant explained
about the importance of
Social Media,
Mr Karve, as he spoke
For me he was a
motivation encyclopaedia.

Saurabh discussed about
what his blog saays,
Than came Aniruddha
he spoke about his techbiz,
Trupti gained audience applause
by saying there's no good
in being a whizz,

Vineet from Indiblogger
was supposed to be chief guest
though he was less of chief
and more of a guest.

We never realized
how time passed and
meet came to an end,
we tasted most auspicious drink
I call it bloggers' blend.

PS: An attempt to note down MOM in a rhyme....

With Love,


  1. Succinctly said, and in verse too!

  2. I agree with Vikram Sir. I wish I was there :)

  3. Oh wow.. you had a bloggers meet? thats great :)

  4. Superb Hemant, could not have been a better way to summarize those 4 hours

  5. So cool hemant!!!Yaar koi photographer ko bhi credit dedo :(

    1. All credit goes to you dude....let me publish a separate post for photographer :D

  6. Replies
    1. Are you asking for link or like button ;)

  7. wow..what a way to summarize the meeet!

  8. What a nice way to summarize what took place. I am so glad that all the Pune bloggers were able to connect and have this great meeting. Looking forward to the day when we will be able to have one in our neck of the woods.

  9. Good rhyming post...well I missed the meet.. didn't know about it..became a member of Indiblogger only yesterday.. and yours is the first post that caught my eye..perhpaps I can attend next meet whenever..

    Well do visit my

  10. Fantabulous!! How could I have missed this for so long. B'ful summary Hemant :) (yaar, mujhe bhi kahi daal dena, Ketan k saath :P)


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